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Prolong the shelf life of your bras & know when to toss ’em!

Welcome back! Thanks for joining me again. Today I’d like to cover one of women’s most frequently asked questions: “How long should my bra last before it should be replaced?” Well, ladies, that entirely depends. They can last from a few months to a few years! When trying to figure out if it’s time to get some new bras, ask yourself:

1. Have you recently lost or gained any weight (e.g. pregnancy, breast feeding, quitting smoking, surgery)?

2. Are you constantly fixing and rearranging the straps or cups of your bra throughout the day because they seem to fall down, ride up, or not cover your breasts properly?

3. Is your bra worn out, faded, gray, torn, thinned out, deformed, or has your underwire popped out or ripped through the fabric?

Most women change sizes (and shape) at least a few times in our lives. After losing or gaining weight or whenever your bras feel uncomfortable, you probably need a new bra! Same goes for bras you’ve had for awhile… if they no longer support you because they’re stretched and worn out, get rid of them! It’s not worth feeling uncomfortable over!

Here are a few dos and don’ts that will help preserve the life of your bras!


Bra Saver Specialty Wash Bag by Forever New, available at Now That's

Bra Saver Specialty Wash Bag by Forever New, available at Now That's

1. Hand wash delicately with a gentle detergent (like Forever New, Woolite or Zero).

2. Use a lingerie wash bag to protect your undergarments from snags, rips, fraying, pilling & worse damage, if you are too lazy or don’t have time to hand wash.

3. Hang or lay flat to dry.

4. Place all your bras one on top of the other, cup in cup, in your drawers, or hang them up in your closet to preserve your bras’ natural shape.

5. Take out all removable foam cookies or pads from your bras, and wash them separately (or, pop them into the same wash bag) to clean them more thoroughly.

1. Put your lingerie in the dryer. The heat alone will damage the elasticity of your bras and panties. It takes less than an hour for one of these garments to dry by air, so nix the machine and let it go au naturel.

2. Wash your bras in the machine without a special washing bag.

3. Wear a bra that hurts, digs in, leaves red marks, or has to be adjusted whenever you move. A properly fitted bra should make you feel supported and comfortable and move with you. If your bra doesn’t fit and you’ve had it for awhile, it may be time to toss it and get a new one.

Always keep in mind that taking care of your bras as much as possible will extend the time you can wear them. Take a peek in your lingerie drawers right now and evaluate your bras. Do they still fit, or have you changed sizes lately? Are your bras faded, gray, worn or stretched out? Treat your body right, and get yourself a bra that will make your girls feel comfortably supported and naturally lifted!

I invite all of you to send me your questions! I respond to all of them.

Thanks & take care of your lingerie!

Your Bra Doctor


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