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Top 10 Things I Like to Carry in My Bra

Ever gone out and not wanted to tote a purse around with you? 

I often like to use my bra as a mini-purse for some of my most important tools (although, I can’t fit all of them in all at once, so it’s always a careful selection process)! Check out the Top 10 Things I Like to Carry My Bra (aside from my breasts!).

PS – I recommend trying this out only if your bra is slightly lined or padded. Bonus if the bra has pockets inside that you can use for storage – also great for travel!

10. Money. Your bra is definitely a safe place for it. Plus it feels strangely sexy to pull money out of your bra, like a slightly erotic magic trick. I suggest not keeping too much loose change on you to avoid clinking as you walk!

9. Tissues: not for padding purposes, although this may remind you of your high school days. You never know when you’ll need a tissue!

8. Breath fresheners: mints, gums, or breath strips that keep you fresh and confident no matter where you go or who you see.

Altoids Breath Strips

7. Makeup! If you don’t want to sneak into the bathroom to powder your nose during dinner, slip your concealer or mascara into your bra for discreet and easy access.

6. Tampons. A great place to conceal a little package when you’re out on the town or at a party and want to go purse-free.

5. Your ID and credit cards. Plus, the flourish with which you’ll extract this ID will definitely grab the attention of who ever is asking to see who (and how old) you are!

4. Snacks for the movie theatre. I’ve definitely smuggled some treats (small bags of Skittles, for example) in my bra rather than paying the extortionate amount at the theatre. However, this doesn’t really work as inconspicuously for beverages…


3. Cell phone. You’ll definitely notice the outline and probably have part of your phone sticking out, but it beats accidentally leaving your phone in a public place! Plus, it kind of tickles when you receive a vibrating phone call or text message.


2. Car keys. Not always the most comfortable option, but short-term it can work for you! Be careful and make sure you’re not getting poked!

1. The phone number of a sexy stranger you meet. Double sexy points for the look you give with your eyes as you slip his/her business card or digits into your bra.

What do YOU like to put in your bra? Tell us by commenting below, on Facebook or Twitter!


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  • Lonnie

    Two extra pair of panties in case I all of a sudden take a trip to Montreal to see my favorite friends and don’t have time to pack!! That way I am covered for a couple of days!!

  • admin

    HAHA Lonnie that is a fabulous idea!! 🙂

  • Val

    This is what we need – an insight to make evnyeore think

  • fredchurch

    years ago i had a grade 8 science teacher come to class she carried her wallet directly inside her bra cup. yes the shape of it was noticable. she would many times wear a tight fitting jersey or tank top. as it turns out she was from another country and it was a custom in her country. it was a small town and i seen her many times about the town and everytime her wallet right in her bra cup.

  • Alicia

    That’s a very interesting story! We weren’t aware that was actually a custom. It’s a convenient way to carry a small wallet instead of carrying a purse. Thank you for sharing!

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