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New VIDEO! Body Tape: How To Use It & Why You Should

New VIDEO! Body Tape: How To Use It & Why You Should at Now That's Lingerie

Hey ladies!

So in case you haven’t already seen my new video, I’ll give you a small recap! I talk about one of the greatest inventions ever made for clothing; Body Tape by Fashion Essentials! While it may look like regular Scotch tape, do not be fooled! This little versatile product is great for fixing hems, button gaps, strapless or backless outfits or holding up those falling straps. I now always carry it with me to large group events because I like to think of myself as a fashion superhero. I keep little ‘fashion accidents’ from happening! For more information on Body Tape, watch my new video by clicking here or on the image below:

Click here to watch my NEW VIDEO, Body Tape: How To Use It & Why You Should

How do you like to use Body Tape? If you have any questions or comments, please write below or comment on Facebook or Twitter.


After 25 years in the lingerie industry, I've helped thousands of women feel confident and look fantastic in their lingerie. I'm the resident Bra Doctor for Now That's, which I founded over ten years ago as a way to help cater to the needs of as many women possible! I receive dozens of e-mails from women who can't seem to feel comfortable in their bras. I'm here to show that you CAN find a bra that works for you. Sometimes all you need are little tips! I hope you enjoy my bra fitting advice, experiences and thoughts. I'll also be sharing news about lingerie giveaways and deals that can't be missed. Contact me personally for personalized help finding your perfect fit:




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