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What type of support is right for you?

Ever wonder how to determine what kind of support your bra should be? Here are some quick and easy guidelines to find the proper level of support and comfort for your size, every day. (This doesn’t apply to specialty bras or lingerie you wear only for special occasions!)

If your bra size is an AA, A or B cup, chances are you are not looking for a full support bra. Your ideal support would be light or medium, depending on your level of daily activity. Padded and push-up bras typically offer a light support, but in general, serve mostly to enhance your breast size. If you are between a B and a C cup, check the next section.

B and C cups
Women who fall into this category require slightly more support for day-to-day activities. You can find comfort in a medium support bra, either with or without underwire, which will enable you to work and walk around without worrying about whether your breasts will continue moving when you stop. Bras that have a double layer of fabric (or mesh on the inside) will offer a medium to full support. If the cup covers the entirety of your breast tissue, you will have a more firm support. If you are wearing a demi-bust bra, either padded or non-padded, you will receive a medium support, which is great for moderate activity. For increased daily activity levels or for maximum comfort, see the next section.

Full cup, full support bras
If you take a C cup or higher, you will require a minimum of a medium support bra for everyday wear. If your work necessitates a lot of activity, you should opt for a fuller support, full-coverage bra. If you prefer padded bras, select one that has a square-cut neckline rather than a V-cut, since the former will support more of the breast tissue and provide more adequate coverage and support. For all other bras, make sure the fabric has some (but not too much) stretch to it, so that they will mould to your body shape while still offering support. You will find extra support for all bras with a vertical or diagonal seam on the cup, or those which have a double layer of fabric or mesh along the inside of the cup, and of course, those which cover the entirety of the breast tissue.

Plus-Size: DD cups and up
Women who fall in the DD and up size range usually want to be completely supported in their day-to-day activities, especially since this is the group of women most susceptible to back, neck and shoulder pain. Although most bras within the DD, E, F, G, H, I and J cup sizes are full support, some will also offer a minimizer effect, which will give fantastic support while reducing the appearance of having large breasts (many women prefer this, especially for work purposes). Strap width is also an important consideration, since a slightly wider strap will hold better on the shoulders and more equally distribute the weight of your breasts. IF your straps cut into your shoulders but you still do not feel supported, chances are you are not wearing the right size or shape for you.

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