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Lingerie Play: How to Wear Your Favorite Lingerie with Fall’s Trends

By: Ellise Ramos

TGIF (thank goodness it’s fall)… which means more incredible fall fashions! We’re talking cozy boots, colorful scarves and elegant trench coats! With the onset of cool weather (for some of  us), it is quite the challenge to keep your ensemble looking effortless and minimalistic instead of  too chunky. A simple touch of layering and playing peek-a-boo with your favourite lingerie however, is guaranteed to keep you warm yet seductive at the same time.

DKNY Pantsuit

DKNY Pantsuit

Some of the hottest designers have come out with the classic tuxedo look for fall, such as Marc Jacobs and DKNY at New York’s Fashion Week. This isn’t altogether surprising since the wide, V-shaped lapel these tuxes offer show off the better part of our shoulders as well as our collarbones. This allows for an intimate peek at a woman’s body while still pulling off grace and tastefulness.

You can up the ante of this look by mixing and matching your favourite corset with your tux, giving your audience a little taste of sexy but still keeping it business-formal. Lace is definitely in these days, and the wide lapel of a tux allows for a playful peek at a corset’s top. Blush offers a strapless, pinstriped corset with lace from their Private Affair collection, which can be the perfect spice you need to keep your tuxedo look captivating. If you’re not the corset type, lacy bras are also a sure-fire way of attracting interest. Of course, to keep it tasteful, a sheer, see-through black or white top can be worn under your jacket and over your bra. Take a peek at Triumph’s Lacy Push-Up Bra – its lace and ribbon accents offers a touch of femininity and mischievous play at the same time.

Private Affair Pinstriped Corset by Blush, available at Now That's

Private Affair Pinstriped Corset by Blush, available at Now That’s

If you’re not much of a tuxedo fan, a fitted, well-tailored jacket is definitely essential for fall—one that can show off your feminine curves while still keeping the overall look sophisticated. We are seeing a lot of leather these days, with the biker/punk style completely taking over, a look that features leather jackets.

Punk leather jacket

Punk style leather jacket

Leather jackets give off an independent, liberated chic appeal that can really strengthen the statement of your outfit, not to mention its ability to keep you snug and warm. You can keep it simple by pairing your leather jacket with a standard white top, or a tight black camisole.  Naturana Exklusiv offers a stunning silk camisole to perfect this look – its sheerness makes this top feather-light, allowing you sufficient space to move freely and comfortably within your jacket. One of the many benefits of leather jackets are its versatility, meaning any camisole can rightfully go with it, as long as it is simple enough to prevent any deterrence from the attention your leather jacket already provides. Opt for a plain colour, without any wild patterns so as to avoid looking overdone—and you are ready to go!

So there you have it, ladies, your fashion essentials for Fall! Keeping it classy is so important, but there is always space to let out your playful side with a touch of lingerie!

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