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Last Updated September 20, 2014

If you’re wondering if it’s “normal” to have uneven breasts, and want to make your girls look more even, then read on!

During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel in February, Jennifer Lawrence spoke candidly about her uneven breasts. She said, “I just went to the doctor today and got a chest x-ray of my lungs and found out my breasts were uneven.” She didn’t seem particularly bothered by this, and indeed it’s the first time I’ve ever heard a public figure speaking so openly about the symmetry of their breasts! (Typically, celebrity breast discussions in Hollywood typically address the question of whether breasts are real or fake or WHY they are popping out of that dress!) .

I love that Jennifer was so open about her naturally uneven breasts, because believe it or not, most women have at least a slight size difference between their breasts, even if it’s not very noticeable.  I have rarely seen women with two breasts that are exactly the same size.  As if bra fitting weren’t complicated enough, right?  Different women may have asymmetrical breast sizes for different reasons.  Unfortunately, most women don’t know what to do to fix their uneven breasts, so they (sadly) end up wearing bras that are not the right size.

Here are some quick tricks and tips from our Bra Doctor Celine to easily help you even out the appearance of  asymmetrical breasts when your breasts are not the same size.

A common bra fitting problem: Her bra cups are too small, and the underwires are cutting into her breasts and creating spillage.

Over the course of her lifetime, a woman’s bra size can change more than five times.  For many developing women, this is also the time when one’s breasts may not grow at the exact same rate, sometimes leaving one side noticeably bigger than the other.  Factor in body changes resulting from pregnancy, breast feeding, weight gain or loss, medication, surgery and menopause, and it’s easy to see how the shape of your breasts changes over time.  You should always make sure your bras fit you and are comfortable, because if they aren’t, then you definitely are not wearing the right size or style bra.

Her bra cups are too big, causing gapping.

This brings me to one of the most important rules of bra fitting: if your breasts are different sizes, your bra should fit comfortably over the larger (not smaller) breast.  The cup on the larger side should fit the entirety of your breast tissue without cutting into you.  Sure, there may be a gap or a pleat in the cup where the smaller breast resides, but you can fill the space with a bra pad.  This way, the underwire will not constrain your larger breast.  NEVER, EVER buy a bra that fits only the smaller side comfortably, while the larger breast spills over the fabric of the cup or is constrained in any way by underwire or elastics.

So what are some available solutions to making your breasts look naturally even? Read this blog and watch our vlog to get all the info you need!

Click here or on the image below to watch our NEW video on How To Fix
Uneven Breasts!

Video: How To Fix Uneven Breasts by Now That's Lingerie

1. For starters, wearing a bra that at least has a lined cup, like a contour bra, moulded bra or padded bra, will go a long way in making both sides look more similar.  Don’t just wear a bra that is very padded, since this will make both sides seem bigger, but the size difference between your breasts will remain the same. Any bra with some padding can help minimize the appearance of having uneven breasts. If you love wire-free bras, you can find wire-free padded bras too. See #3 on how to add bra pads to your bras to even out the cups.

2. If your breasts are just a little asymmetrical, then you can try wearing a bra that has removable pads or removable cookies; by taking these pads out of the cup on the side of your larger breast, and inserting these pads into the bra pockets in the smaller cup, you help even out smaller differences between your breasts’ size.  This is usually a perfect little trick if your breasts are just slightly uneven in size, but if there is still a noticeable discrepancy, you might want to try to use other bra pads instead of, or in addition to, the removable cookies.

3. Silicone, foam, water and gel pads, when added to the smaller side of your bra, can fill out the remaining gaps or spaces in your smaller bra cup.  My customers have told me they really like the Bra Doctor silicone bra pads because they’re sleek and lightweight for this, and the Add-A-Size fabric pad by Fashion Essentials is also a popular choice. But you can also try other bra pads. When adding bra pads to your bra, it would be best to use them in a padded bra (see #1), so that any slight demarcations of the bra pad, if any, will be minimized.

4. If you have a more noticeable difference in the symmetry of your breasts (a cup size or more, for example), Add-A-Size bra pads are definitely worth a try, either in silicone (see Glam silicone pads) or fabric with foam (see Add-A-Size pads).

5. Women who have had a mastectomy can try a mastectomy bra, which has inside pockets so you can discreetly add a prosthesis or bra pad. Add-A-Size pads can help fill out small differences between each side in some cases.

6. When using silicone instead of foam pads, don’t use more than one silicone pad inside the cup on the smaller size, because it could look and feel heavier and bulkier than the other side (unless if you want to walk lopsided all day, be my guest!). Foam and fabric bra pads are naturally lighter than silicone, water, or gel pads.

7. After inserting your bra pads, don’t forget to re-adjust your bra straps and back closure to ensure both sides look equal and you feel comfy.

8. Make sure your bra pads don’t slip out of your bra! Body Tape can save your social life in seconds. This double-sided adhesive fashion tape can be cut to any length you require, but only one or two small pieces of tape between your bra pad and your bra, or your bra and your dress (ideal for strapless styles), will ensure long-term hold and won’t damage your garments or pads.

9. Fix uneven breasts in your bikini or bathing suit with Beach silicone pads. And don’t forget the Body Tape! I have seen physical evidence that Body Tape holds up even when you’re in the water. You can try taping your bra pads to the inside of your bikini or bathing suit top to make sure they don’t slip out while you’re having fun getting nautical!

9. For a comprehensive bra pad guide for different needs, click here to read Bra Doctor’s Guide to Bra Pads.

Lastly– if you want more bra fitting help tailored to your size and needs, please contact me.  I’ve fitted women of all sorts of shapes and sizes, and I can help you find out what best suits you.  Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.  I’d love to hear from all of you! You can also connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

Sincerely, as always,

Your Bra Doctor Celine




  • krisna

    Thank you for this article,it’s a daily struggle to make bra’s fit right!

  • admin

    Hi Krisna,
    Thanks for your comment! It can be difficult to find a bra that fits right, and so many women have this problem! Contact me (Celine the Bra Doctor) at if you have questions about your bra fitting problems or need help finding bra styles that are right for your unique shape.

  • Michelle

    I am almost 51 and have always had very uneven breasts. The right is a C cup and the left is barely an A. A silicone pad works pretty well in a contour bra, but it’s hot and clammy next to my skin. Any suggestions about how to make silicone pads more comfortable

  • admin

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for your question! Uneven breasts are a common problem for girls and women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I am glad that silicone inserts/pads do the job but can understand that they can feel warm at times.

    I can suggest trying a fabric-covered foam pad instead of silicone like these Add-A-Size pads by Forever New Fashion Essentials: . They are lightweight, breathable and natural-feeling. They are quite popular and very comfy, especially if you have sensitive skin or experience changes in body temperature often throughout the day. Another benefit is that you can hand wash them and let them air dry – nice and easy!

    Another suggestion that may help slightly (although not to the same extent as an extra pad or insert) is to try a padded bra with removable cookies – you can use both cookies (they are usually mostly flat) and insert them into the inside pocket of this type of bra, only on the side where you need to increase your size (your A cup side). This helps even out the difference for about a half to a full cup size, and then you can always add in an optional extra pad afterwards if desired. A good example of a bra like this is this one from the Lissi collection by Change of Scandinavia: .

    I hope this helps, Michelle. Please let me know if I can be of any further help to you – you can e-mail me at and I would be happy to answer you!

    Have a great day and thanks for reading Bra Doctor”s Blog!

  • min


    i have an uneven breast…my left breast fits prefectly for my 34b bra size..but for my right breast there is still a gap.. so should i get a smaller bra?

  • admin

    Hi there Min, thanks for your question.
    NEVER EVER purchase a bra that fits your smaller breast as it will constrain the breast tissue of your larger breast.
    DO purchase a bra that fits your larger breast and fill in any gaps with fabric, water, gel or silicone pads for your smaller side.

    Here are some solutions for uneven breasts:

    I hope this helps you when you’re shopping for pretty new bras! 🙂

  • Jeminah

    I’m 16 & my right breast is a “C” and left an “A”. I’m extremely self consious about it. I need help knowing wat kind of bras to use.. & were to purchase them. Nothing seems to work. I want to look normal in bathing suit tops too because I want to swim haven’t gone swimming in more then 2 years.I need to find regular bras, sports bras,bathing bras. PLEASE HELP ME

  • admin

    Hi Jemimah,

    Thanks for your question! I had tried emailing you but did not get a response, so here is my reply again:

    Hi Jemimah, uneven breasts are a very common in women. Sometimes there can be a more noticeable difference, in which case you can try to insert a bra pad (for swimsuits I can recommend the Fashion Essentials Beach silicone bra pads) ONLY in the smaller side, to even out the difference. You can also try a bathing suit that has a built-in bra, which will offer you a more flattering shape. ALWAYS purchase bras and swimsuit tops to accommodate your LARGER breast (C cup), or else you will constrain all of the breast tissue in your larger breast. You can always add an insert into the smaller side.

    Here is the link for the Beach pads:–beach-silicone-pads-forever-new

    And here are some other bra pads you can take a look at:

    I can personally help you find styles that would be good for you if you would like, you can call me toll-free (US and Canada) at 1-855-521-4244 or email me back at

  • Marianne

    After having 2 children (and breastfeeding them both). I have an interesting bra dilemma.

    One side is a F/G, the other is a large C, small D.

    I really don’t want to be padding the smaller one all the up to a F/G-ish cup. Are there any other options short of surgery?

  • admin

    Thank you for your email.

    Without having to resort to surgery, the only solution in my opinion is either putting pads in the smaller cup or wearing a padded full cup bra with removable cookies (which you can also put into the smaller side).

    I wish I could offer more suggestions but those are the ones that actually do work.

    I invite any other questions you may have.

    Have a beautiful day,


  • leeyah

    This has helped me a lot in trying to figure out how to get my smaller breast seem similar to my bigger breast. Thank you.

  • admin

    You’re welcome, Leeyah, glad to be of help! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  • Sara

    What about plus size inserts? I am plus size and wear a 44DD bra to fit my left side. I think my right is a C or maybe barely a D. Every thing is one size that I have seen online. Any suggestions on what to do? It is a real struggle for me.

  • admin

    Hi Sara, thanks for your question. I understand it can be difficult to fit your bra when you have more than one cup size of difference between your breasts. You can try one pad in the smaller side, like the Sculpt pads by Fashion Essentials (check them out, they are made specifically for a fuller bust: ). Alternatively, I can suggest other bra styles for you personally which may fit you better, thus minimizing the appearance of two differently sized breasts. You can get in touch with me at so I can select styles for your unique size and needs! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • hankypanky

    Left side is C, right side is a large A. I can’t find bras anymore that have the option to insert a “cookie” on the right side. I checked Victoria’s Secret in Toronto, and they didn’t even sell ONE bra that had the removable inserts. Are there any ways to sew in these cookies, without it being completely noticible inside the bra? I do not want to wear a jelly cutlet, as I’ve had one fall out before. EMBARRASSING. I wish I had even breasts 🙁 It’s so embarrassing. Any tips, advice, or thoughts?

  • admin

    Hi hankypanky,

    Thanks for your message! Before you read my reply, please keep in mind that uneven breasts are the RULE, not the exception, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed! Most women have two differently sized breasts, some are just a bit more noticeable than others. Bras with removable pads/cookies can be hard to find. Here is a link to a half dozen bras available in your size with this option: .

    Just a reminder to you and all the ladies reading this that you MUST accommodate your larger breast, so opt for a C cup bra and you can try adding the pad from the larger side into the pocket of the smaller side (so you’ll have two pads in one, none in the other). This will make a slight difference. You can then add any extra padding of your choice inside the smaller side to even out both sides. The most popular fabric bra pad on Now That’s Lingerie is the fabric-covered add-a-size bra pad by Fashion Essentials:

    Alternatively, you can sew fabric pads into nearly any bra, but a bra with removable cookies will help you avoid all the extra work, and will also keep any pad or cutlet (water, silicone, jelly or otherwise) in place to prevent any embarrassing mishaps!

    I hope this helps you, but if you want more personalized advice and suggestions, email me anytime at! Thanks again and hope to see you again on Bra Doctor’s Blog soon!

  • lynn olsen

    I am currently pregnant with my first child. Before pregnancy I’d like to think my breasts were fairly even. But now my right one is an entire cup size bigger! (DD) Thank you so much for this article. Now I can even out my girls and not look so lopsided!

  • admin

    Dear Lynn, Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I’m so glad to be able to help you and your girls 😉 feel and look more comfortable and even! Thanks for your comment and hope to speak to you soon! 🙂

  • Rae

    Can you give a recommendation for a woman with very large, very uneven breasts? In UK sizes, my right breast would fit a 34G bra and my left a 34JJ which is a five cup difference. Usually I wear a 34HH and let the left side fall out a bit underneath. I then wear a loose shirt, so that the wrinkled fabric on the right side isn’t noticeable. I’m wondering if the pads you mentioned above would be big enough to match my right side to my left or if I need to look into custom ones. Thanks.

  • Jane

    I personally have tried using Beach silicone pads with varying levels of success.

    I will try out a couple of the other tips you have given and report back.

  • admin

    Hi Jane, thanks for your comment! Please do report back. I hope the tips do help, but for best results you can also contact me at for personalized advice for your size and needs. 🙂

  • admin

    Hi Rae, thanks for your comment. I am not sure if the pads mentioned here will be sufficient to give you the evenness you’re looking for between a G and JJ cup. I would suggest these pads more for up to a DD cup. I think you could opt for custom pads, but it bothers me that you’re wearing a 34HH when you really need a JJ. I know you’re trying to even out both sides but you’re putting too much pressure on your larger breast, which should never be constricted. First start with wearing the right size, and then you can try to go to a custom bra fitter in your area and ask them to help you make a bra pad for your smaller breast. I realize how difficult it can be Rae, and wish you lots of luck. If you need more personal help/advice, you can also email me at Have a great day! 🙂

  • Ali

    Although this article has helped i would be greatful for a little extra as I am lost as to what kind of insert I need. My left size is a DD and the right is barely a D! They’ve always been this way and I’ve gotten more self concious about it over time. A slight difference wouldn’t be a big deal but this is a noticable difference and one that can clearly be see in pictures. Could you please give me a suggestion as to what type of insert I could use. Thank you for this article its had to have helped lots of women.

  • admin

    Hi Ali,
    Thanks for the compliments on this blog; it has in fact helped many women with uneven breasts discover what they need in order to help naturally even out their bustline.

    For your particular sizing needs, you could always try the Sculpt bra pads by Fashion Essentials, as those are the ones which are designed more specifically for fuller-figured women. I’d try one in the smaller size to see what it looks like. It is a fuller covering/shape, so it’s best to try to wear it with a balcony bra that offers three-quarter coverage.

    You can check out these bra pads here:

    I also think it would be helpful for you to reassess what bras you have in your wardrobe and maybe considering trying a new bra style that would help minimize the appearance of uneven breasts under your clothes. I can help you personally with this if you email me at

    Thanks for your comment Ali! 🙂

  • Sam

    This article gives alot about how to conceal uneven breasts,After breast feeding my “georgeous” baby girl by the way,my breasts look like a volkswagen parked beside a 1978 cadillac.Geeze Im so insecure I dont even like my husband to look at me funny, or I end up “Catching feelings” I really dont like hiding or covering up things i perfer to deal with the problem and as naturally as possible. Is there like some excersize I can do to reduce the size of the bigger one. A friend suggested swimming (back strokes) will this help?

  • Aly

    Any idea on where to bra inserts for plus size women. I’m plus size with uneven breasts. I am a 38 band size and 1 boob is HH (UK) and the other is JJ (UK), so there is a 2 cup difference. However, all the inserts I find are too small.

  • Aly

    Lol. I just read through previous answers and see the suggestions.

  • admin

    Hi Sam! I love your sense of humor, but you need to find some confidence in yourself again! You’re a beautiful Mom of a gorgeous baby girl. The sexiest thing about a woman is her confidence, no kidding!

    Don’t forget that the size of your breasts can continue to change over time, and they may even out a little more with time. Uneven breasts after pregnancy and breast feeding are certainly common. Swimming or any exercise that targets your pectoral muscles may help with developing muscle underneath your breasts, but I don’t know how successful it would be in terms of reducing the size of your breasts.

    It sounds like what you really need is some sexy lingerie to make you feel like your feminine self again!!! I’d love to help you personally. You can get in touch at

    Take care & good luck with your new baby (and your husband of course)! 😉

  • admin

    Hi Aly, thanks for your question and reading through these comments, I always find those helpful! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have other questions about uneven breasts or other bra fitting problems. 🙂

  • Ashley

    I’m trying to figure out which would work best for me , so I can place an order…. I have uneven breasts left is a C and the right is a B almost a C, I watched your video but I still am unsure of the product that would work the bes. Please get back to me thank you so much!

  • admin

    Hi Ashley, If you have a small difference between your breasts, I’d definitely try one of two bra pad styles. You would put one pad in the smaller side to even them out.

    1) Bra Doctor silicone bra pads:–silicone-push-up-breast-enhancers-bra-doctor-lingerie&ad=bdcommfe022bdsilicone

    2) Fashion Essentials fabric Add-A-Size bra pads:

    If you need personalized shopping help, I can help you faster if you email me directly at or call toll-free at 1-855-521-4244 (US & Canada)

  • richa

    Can’t the difference in size of breasts be normalized naturally.
    Plz hlp

  • admin

    Hi Richa, for most women, uneven breasts CAN be fixed naturally, without surgery. For all our tips on how to even out your asymmetrical breasts, check out our video:

    And don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions, at

  • Priya

    Hi, I have uneven breasts and using fabric pads for long time.But the problem is sometimes they are coming out of the bra and have to adjust it everytime. What is the best bra insert that will not come out of the bra.

  • admin

    Hi Priya, great question.

    You have several options.

    1) Sew the fabric bra pad directly into your bra.
    2) Purchase a bra that has pockets inside, so you can place your bra pad directly inside the pocket where it won’t budge as you move.
    3) Try a silicone bra pad, like my Bra Doctor bra pads. The benefit of these pads in particular is that they use your body heat to mold to you, so won’t move once placed against your skin. I personally recommend those bra pads for slight size differences between your breasts, to put into the smaller side. Check them out here:
    4) Try a bra with removable cookies – these usually also have pockets inside. You can take both of the cookies (bra pads) provided with the bra, and put them into the smaller side.
    5) Try a fabric bra pad that is a bit differently shaped so it won’t cover your entire breast and be visible by sneaking out of your bra. You can see our fabric bra pads here:

    Hope this helps. You can also email me directly at

  • L

    Hi there. My right breast is a C and the left a B or B+ lol. I have tried several different types of inserts, but they always make my smaller breast look way too big. What type of bra and/or insert would you recommend for my size difference? Thanks!!

  • admin

    I usually recommend the Add-a-Size fabric bra pads by Fashion Essentials, and the Bra Doctor silicone inserts. Those are the best for 1/2-1 cup size difference.

  • Cathy

    Glad you’re aware of these things. It makes it easier for me to find the right bra to fit me.Cathy

  • Kay

    Hi, my mom too me bra shopping this last summer and I didn’t reply notice that my breasts were uneven but now one side is kinda squished and the small side fits just nice, the bras are really quite new and I wou feel bad having to make my mom take me to buy new ones, ist there a way I can make them work till I need to get new ones again?

  • admin

    Hi Kay,

    I would never recommend wearing a bra that is too small or doesn’t fit properly on your larger breast. I don’t really see an alternative to purchasing at least 1 good bra that fits you well on both sides. You always have to accommodate the LARGER breast, so there is no squishing, and so you can slip an insert (bra pad) in the side with the smaller breast, if you want.

    If you’re still at the age where your breasts are still growing and changing, I would start with about 2-3 good, properly fitting bras in your rotation, and then see what is working for you and if you need a different size within the next 6 months.

    Let me know if you need my personal help shopping for styles that would be good for you:

  • Rhi

    ha. The stores i go to always so ‘no you can’t go up a size or the smaller breast wont have support, a little spillage will be fine’ excuse me while i go use every curse word i know. The big one is the one that needs support.

  • admin

    Exactly, Rhi! 🙂 Always fit the larger breast – you can always add a bra pad into the smaller side!

  • Banana

    Well, this article was disappointing because my breasts look fine and even in a shirt so I don’t care about that. They look uneven when my shirt comes off and I thought this article was going to list some natural methods of fixing the unevenness.

  • admin


    We are sorry to see that you didn’t find what you were looking for in this blog post. Unfortunately, our expertise is lingerie and using lingerie and accessories to help women feel confident and beautiful and solve their lingerie problems. We are unaware of any natural ways to fix the actual uneven breast to enhance its size as it’s probably only possible with surgical influence. Thank you for sharing and if we learn of any new developments in the future, we will share them.

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