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Fashion 911 fixes: Top 5 Bra & Fashion Accessories

Get a runway-ready, polished look every day with some of these ultra-efficient solutions for fashion emergencies.  Here are some of our favorite quick-fix bra and fashion accessories we can’t live without.
5. Lifting Hide-A-StrapMake your favourite bras tank-top-friendly in seconds!  Just gather your straps and secure them with this durable plastic figure-eight piece.  Gives your breasts a natural boost in any bra and helps prevent falling bra straps.
4. Body TapeThe quick multi-purpose fix for fashion emergencies, this dual-sided adhesive sticks to anything without irritating or leaving marks on your skin or clothing.  Ideal for plunging necklines or backlines, strapless wear, to seal the space between gapping buttons in your tops, and to quickly alter pant, skirt or dress hems.
3. Shoulder CushionsEliminate discomfort from indentation or marks  from your bra straps with these slim and comfortable silicone shoulder cushions.  Ideal for fuller-figured women to help increase support and ease pressure on your neck, shoulders and back.  Also helps prevent your bra straps from slipping down your shoulders.
2.  Bra Back ExtendersEasily add an extra one to three inches to your bra back band for a more precise, comfortable fit.  Ideal for when your bra cups fit but your back feels snug.  Just hook onto your back band and adjust as needed, no sewing necessary! Available in 1 hook, 2 hook, 2 hook Special European, 3 hook and 4 hook widths.
1. Magic SpongeThis aptly-named dual-sided clothing sponge by Forever New Fashion Essentials instantly removes marks on your clothes caused by deoderant, cosmetic powder, dust and more.  Flexible and compact to fit in even the smallest purse, so never leave home without it!
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Need help finding the right bra accessories for you? Just ask me!
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