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What’s Hot In Lingerie: The Granny Panty Edition

Did you ever think you’d see the day where the granny panty would become the most fashionable panty to wear? They used to be the butt of many jokes; considered unattractive, a safe option, and a statement of no interest in sexuality. It seems almost unbelievable that now there are so many styles of panties that offer both comfort and sexiness. While the granny panty rising in popularity, there is a modern twist on the traditional comfort of a granny panty that is redefining the current lingerie industry.

The newfound trendiness of panties that offer more coverage or a higher rise along the stomach or waist can be attributed to many changes within the fashion industry and popular culture. There’s more than just lingerie that’s being affected by this as well; even swimwear is opting for more coverage and higher waist lines. Studies on sales in many lingerie companies have shown a decline in sales for thongs, which some find constricting and uncomfortable, and a rise in these more modest and forgiving options.

As the seventies dominated the fashion scene the last few seasons, many fashion consumers are becoming more fascinated with exploring vintage stores and vintage-inspired pieces. This new desire may be leaking into lingerie choices, where vintage lingerie is widely available at many vintage shops. One could also find current lingerie with little dashes of vintage design and inspiration.

Many popular celebrities have also splashed their social media outlets with images of them wearing granny panties, or panties that are similar. Model Chrissy Teigen posted an Instagram photo while getting ready for the Grammys in nothing but granny panties that had many people talking. Apart from proudly boasting about their love of a comfy panty, celebrities are also rocking the granny panty under sheer dresses, creating a new fashion trend in itself. Kim Kardashian and Lea Michele are just two who caught fashion radar for letting their undergarments show.

Chrissy Teigen Instagram via Daily Mail; Kim Kardashian via Chicago Now; Lea Michele via Celeb Daily News

Perhaps the most interesting reason that women may be opting for the granny panty, according to much of the news coverage of the trend, is that it’s contributing to a growing movement by women to make healthier choices that are self-serving, rather than in tune with the expectations of what it is to be sexy by society and men. Since granny panties have the reputation for being both cozy and unsexy, it could have been considered such a faux pas before celebrity influence and growing numbers of wearers. More and more women, though, are dressing for themselves and what makes them feel happy, confident, and beautiful, which should be celebrated to its full extent.

This movement can also be attributed to the widespread uprising of feminist values, which again, are about celebrating women and their right to redefine what they choose to wear, think, say, etc. It could mean a loose-fitting bikini panty, a breathable boy short, a high-waisted brief, or a full-on brief. Essentially, it seems that if it’s not some type of thong, it falls into the realm of a granny panty.

Regardless of the reason, it’s nice to see that an idea to redefine standards for women in a positive and healthy manner can actually become a fashion trend that gains momentum. For how long this will remain a trend is yet to be seen but for now, it’s the new thing in lingerie!

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