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Welcome to the next part of our new Love Yourself series. We believe in the power of lingerie and how it’s a tool to help people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Each part will focus on a particular body part that people can be insecure about, and how to embrace it with a little bit of help from lingerie.

There’s a common fashion myth that when you’re insecure about your body, you should wear loose fitting clothing. We know that’s not true, and we know that when you wear clothes that fit well, your body looks amazing – no matter the size!

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You should never say no to a clothing item because you’re insecure about your body. Find the right fit and the right undergarments, and you’re golden.

So when you’re back isn’t completely flat, do you stray away from tight tops? No! Do you opt out of that backless top because maybe you have a roll here or there? No!

Triumph Infinite Sensation Underwire T-Shirt Bra

There are a lot of ways to avoid adding any “back fat” or “back boobs” though, so you’re not feeling insecure about something that doesn’t exist. As we’ve stated previously, your bra is not supposed to give you back boobs.

So, if you have some curves that extend to your back, guess what – a lot of women do! It’s normal. However, on those days you’re feeling especially insecure and need a little confidence boost, then you can try some of these special tips to slay that outfit!

Seamless Bras

A seamless bra gives a smooth finish on the back, and doesn’t feature elastics that dig into your body and not only cause rolls that don’t exist, but pain.

A bra with a thicker back band can also help smooth your back even more.

Bra Back Extenders

When your back band is feeling a little tight, you can slip on an extender so it doesn’t dig in, creating unsightly lines.

They come in various widths to match any bra you have.

Shapewear Tops

A shapewear top slips under any outfit to create a smooth silhouette and highlight your gorgeous curves.

They’re fabulous to have when you want a little extra confidence in something tight or revealing.

Bra Back Converter

A bra back converter is perfect for low back tops, so you can still wear a bra without it showing.

It also helps extend your back band and move it lower on your back, so it doesn’t dig in to where you feel you have some extra cushion.

The moral of the story: we are all our own worst critics, and most people don’t even notice those small things you’re insecure about – so don’t worry about what other people think. However, YOU are valid in your own thoughts, and it’s okay to need some help when you’re having a bad day on your journey to loving yourself. One of the best things you can do for yourself is wear what you love no matter what.

What body part are you insecure about? Let us know in the comments and it may be our next Love Yourself feature!

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