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5 Mistakes You’re Making Planning Your Wedding

What do you do when you want a day to celebrate you and your partner, but everyone else wants a party?!


So many people have different ideas about what a wedding should be that when it comes to planning your own, things can go downhill fast. I’ve seen my friends plan beautiful weddings – some of which were exactly what they wanted, and some that turned out beautiful, but were soured by others’ influences.

I am SO not letting that happen with my wedding, and I don’t want that to happen to yours either! So let’s grab a glass of wine and have a chat about some mistakes you might be making while planning your wedding!


1. Letting Others Blur Your Vision

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So many girls dream about their weddings as young girls, gushing over bridal magazines and wedding show marathons. If you’re that girl, that’s awesome! You know what you want, and don’t let anyone try to mess with your childhood dreams!

You may have a lot of family members or friends try to tell you what type of wedding you should have – maybe some expect grandiose ballroom extravaganzas with 600 guests, and some think the whole wedding thing is ridiculous and you should just go to a church and let that be that. Whether you want a Disney princess wedding or an intimate backyard shindig, make sure that once you decide, that’s it!


2. Dreaming Outside of Your Budget

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We are that bad couple who hasn’t set a budget – as in, we don’t have ALL the money saved right now and our families can only do so much for us (bless them, they are doing everything they can to help). But we are saving regularly and are trying to be cost efficient.

So it may sound counter intuitive for me to say this, but have at least an idea of what you two can afford while also being able to have food in your fridge. It takes a little extra work, but you can have a beautiful, Pinterest wedding on a small budget.

Blowing through your credit cards and taking out a second mortgage on your house to impress others is NEVER worth it – just think about it; are they going to help you pay off the debt you incurred to impress them? Probably not.


3. Rushing Through The Planning

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My fiance and I enjoyed our engagement for a full year before making any effort to plan our wedding, and we made our first big decision almost two years before our wedding date. Why? Because I watched friends plan weddings in less than a year and honestly, I stressed out FOR them!

I have to say, these amazing ladies pulled it off beautifully, but the stress I saw some of them go through was just too much. If you can, be patient and give yourselves time to plan a wedding you’ll both love. Don’t get so overwhelmed with such a short schedule that you don’t actually look forward to your wedding when it’s time to enjoy it.


4. Letting Others’ Opinions Win Over Yours

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Having advice and opinions are nice, but any final decision should be yours and your partners’.

I know, some opinions are strong and many family members feel its their right to butt in, and I am so thankful I don’t have that problem. But I don’t want to see you plan a wedding you don’t want because of it.

At the end of the day, it’s your turn to get married, it’s your day to look back on, and it’s about YOU – and yours is the only opinion that matters!


5. Not Having Fun

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I know – it’s a lot of money, a lot of things to think about, and I’m even getting a little bit anxious just thinking about all I have left to do.

But weddings are fun, it’s a beautiful time in your life – have fun with it! Tackle it when you’re in a good headspace and get excited! You’re getting MARRIED!!

Do you have any advice to offer myself or my fellow brides-to-be when it comes to wedding planning?

Share with us in the comments below!

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Until next time!




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