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From left: Farrah Fawcett via Pinterest; Bianca Jaggar via Pinterest; Jerry Hall via Pinterest

When fashion icons like Farrah Fawcett, Jerry Hall, and Bianca Jagger wear something, you know it’s a style that’s going to transcend decades. This reigns true for the jumpsuit or romper. One of the most prominent garments in today’s fashion, the jumpsuit or romper is effortless, fashion-forward, and easy for anyone to wear. Not only can we look to past images to see how famous celebs rocked a jumpsuit, but modern day celebrities are wearing jumpsuits to all sorts of events. Even the most glamourous nights for celebrities are becoming occasions where a fabulous jumpsuit is appropriate. Think Emma Stone in a black and sequin Lanvin jumpsuit with a dramatic bow detail at the 2015 Golden Globes. Topping the best dressed lists all over the board, Emma Stone is just one of many celebs that have changed the red carpet game to include this modern and super sexy garment.

From left: Emma Stone via Designer Jumpsuit Shop; Jane Fonda via W Magazine; Vanessa Hudgens via US Magazine

While one may think only a tall, slender woman could pull off the cool style, that’s not true. It’s all about finding the right proportions that hit you in the right spots. If you are slender, you can try most styles of rompers or jumpsuits, especially a drop waist style. You can also look to tailored and structured jumpsuits that fit close to the body.

From left: Bustier Style Romper via Dynamite; Fluid Strapless Romper via LOFT; Denim Romper via Suzy Shier

Curvy girls and short girls can also rock a jumpsuit, despite what may be perceived. Take note of jumpsuits with defined waist lines, as that’s going to break up your proportions and create an hourglass shape, balancing you out. You can also consider adding a belt to a romper to create that silhouette with a more straight jumpsuit. Don’t be afraid of wearing shorter styles either; it’s all about balance and confidence!

Left: Georgia Seamless Wire-Free Bra by Royce Lingerie; Top Right: Invisibles Touch Seamless Brief by Naturana Exklusiv; Bottom Left: Glamour Lace High-Waisted Seamless Shaping Panty by Body Hush (click descriptions to go to product page)

It’s important when shopping for jumpsuits to try them on; it’s very difficult to know what styles fit best on your body without doing so. Always consider the right undergarments, to avoid any panty lines or unwanted bulges. Seamless bras and invisible panties are definitely the way to go! They will look invisible under the most unforgiving jumpsuits, so you can feel comfortable and secure. You can also try shapewear.

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