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Looking for the perfect small gift for secret santa or stocking stuffers? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best little presents that are suitable for all budgets and ladies:


You can never have enough panties!  They’re items that you’ll always wear & need! With so many styles on sale & clearance to choose for only $5, you really can’t go wrong! Try the Annie cotton hipster by Now That’s Lingerie or Lola brief by One 2 One for a fun & flirty surprise.

Wash Bags

All ladies want to keep their lingerie looking new for a long time… So while being practical, offering a mesh wash bag keep your delicates in pristine condition, and can also be used for finer clothing items! Check out how we recommend washing and caring for your undergarments & clothing in our blog here!


It’s cold out there, and every part of your body needs warm loving, especially your feet! Give these adorable cable socks by Change and her tootsies will be very appreciative, we promise!

Body Tape

Body Tape is a life saver and a must-have for every woman! From fixing button gaps, to making a quick hem and more useful fashion emergencies, the person on the receiving end of this gift will be very overjoyed! To learn more about the uses of Body Tape, check out our YouTube video here.

Magic Sponge

This tiny dual-sided clothing sponge will keep your clothing and lingerie looking fabulous. Don’t worry about deodorant stains, makeup traces or dust anymore because this multipurpose sponge will get rid of any of those smudges! It’s the perfect little item to tote in your purse at all times.

So fill those stockings all the way to the top with our practical, affordable and ultra-cute gift ideas!

Happy holidays everyone!

What other fun items do you want to find in your stocking? Tell me here by commenting below FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.






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