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Style: Sheer Sophistication

Some of the biggest names in fashion have introduced their new lines in New York and Paris for Spring Fashion Week.  Amongst the eye-catching melee of colours, daring ingenuity and bold cuts, many style themes emerged.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering the fashion styles that will be all the rage this spring.  Plus, I’ll give you some budget-friendly suggestions on how to get your own catwalk-inspired gear.

Whether it’s lightweight, diaphanous fabric, sheer lace prints or appliqués, recent trends are resplendent in their femininity and sensuousness.  Spring’s dreamy dresses with long, flowing skirts give off a majestic appeal while maintaining a sophisticated edge.

Diva sheer camisole by Arianne, available at Now That’s

Sheer tops in ready-to-wear styles lend versatility to this coveted barely-there, glamorous look.  Arianne’s Diva camisole has a stunning lace, corset shape and lined bodice– making it a daring ensemble when paired with your favourite jeans or skirt.  Another versatile top by Arianne is in the feminine Keri collection: it’s lined for opacity all over, except the sleeves are still sheer… plus it has a cross-your-heart neckline and has scalloped edges along the bottom hem!  Both tops feel light and airy, just like this pink dress by Christian Dior (above).  The sheer look is definitely one to love this Spring!

Keri floral cross-over lined top with sheer sleeves, by Arianne. Available at Now That’s

Stay tuned for my next fashion blog: Ruffle-Mania!

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