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Well, summer is here and things are heating up! No matter where you are, even humid nights can become unbearable and make it impossible to fall asleep, leaving you to toss and turn for hours (and feeling pretty cranky in the morning, too).  Luckily, the right sleepwear can save you!

Emma Chemise by Blush Lingerie

Choose breathable fabrics and pajamas or nighties that don’t cover too much in the summer months. The Emma Chemise With Adjustable Straps by Blush Lingerie is one such piece that is cute as a button and a little sexy too! The pretty pastel pink colour (also available in Heather Gray) looks sweet and innocent while the lacy trim adds a touch of sensuality. The modal fabric feels super soft against bare skin and the adjustable spaghetti straps add a little support and comfort!

The Arianne Lingerie Priscilla Tunic With Adjustable Straps is another great choice. Beautiful, breathable cotton helps you beat the heat in this little number, and it also comes in three different colours to match your mood: cool, crisp white, edgy black and funky hot pink! A drawstring under the bustline creates a feminine, empire waist shape that accentuates your form, while allowing the rest of this nightie to hang loosely around the body, providing plenty of space for your skin to air out and cool itself in any temperature.

Arianne’s Priscilla 31 Inch Cotton Tunic with Drawstring

My personal favorite way to keep cool on hot summer nights is to opt for sleep shorts! These Pretty Please Satin and Lace Shorts by Blush Lingerie have a loose fit, ensuring that no heat or sweat will get trapped next to the body. Beautiful, luxurious stretch satin with lace embellishments gives this sleepwear a sexier look, for nights when you might want to spice things up with that special someone or just feel like spoiling yourself!

I know many women opt for oversized t-shirts and panties when it’s just plain sweltering and we feel desperate, but what I suggest instead is a cute camisole. The excess fabric of the former will only make you warmer, while a pretty cami like the Liliane Camisole Tunic with Adjustable Straps by Arianne Lingerie, with its fluttering bottom half, gives you true relief from too-tight or clingy sleepwear – while still looking cute and making you feel feminine!

The adorable Pretty Please Satin and Lace Shorts by Blush Lingerie

So there you have it everyone, hope I this helps you to beat the heat!


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