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Wearing Lingerie From Day to Night

Past graduation day, and once working a grown-up job, dressing up in skimpy dresses, mini skirts, and cleavage-boosting bustiers, becomes a thing of the past. Plus, most of us aren’t nearly as daring as we were, say in our early twenties.  But just because cardigans, suits, and jeans that sit above your hipbone, become your new wardrobe staple, this doesn’t mean your closet has to leave some of the more playful items in the dust.

Lingerie can be mixed into your everyday wear, whether it’s hidden beneath a delicate dress, peaking through under a jacket or top, or more prominent over matte tights or jeans, lingerie – in good taste – is timelessly sexy, and appropriate.

The lace camisole under a tailored jacket is a simple lingerie reveal.  Particularly if you’re stuck wearing suits day in and day out, the peek of lace adds femininity to an otherwise structured outfit.  Take a look at a few pieces you can match easily when you’re on the go:  Eva Lacy Lined Camisole Top By Arianne Lingerie, Grenier Vintage Underwire Shaping Camisole, and the Maggie Camisole Corset By Arianne Lingerie.  All of these feminine lingerie tops speak volumes of girlishness with just the right amount of coverage, with or without a jacket or cover-up.  At the end of a rough day at work, the jacket comes off, and voila – back to sexy, and perfect for the cocktail hour or an impromptu dinner engagement.

Our personal favorite wearable lingerie look – the chemise or tunic, worn as a dress, over tights, or paired with skinny jeans.  Have a lingerie-inspired dress or chemise that is just a little too revealing?  Try wearing a wrap-around or pullover sweater with the dress = ballerina chic.  Some lacy dresses or nightgowns are somewhat sheer but over fitted jeans or opaque tights, the dress is day-to-night-ready.  If you’re in the market for a new lacy chemise or tunic, check out these picture-perfect numbers: Priscilla Cotton Tunic By Arianne Lingerie, Triumph’s Lace Sensation Body Dress (also controls your tummy and bum!) with lace hem, Blush’s Clandestine sheer lace chemise with integrated bra, or Arianne’s Heidi Chemise for an added pop of floral.

Vintage lingerie is also a fantastic staple in any fashion-conscious woman’s wardrobe.  Rummage through thrift and vintage boutiques and shops, hunt for anything lace, satin, and delicate.  Bring your treasures home and be sure to carefully wash the garments by hand (Woolite works wonders), letting them hang dry.  Those pieces that are less daring, add to your weekly routine – wear a camisole or chemise tucked into a gathered, tulip, or a-line skirt.

Wear a trendy kimono or thigh skimming Grandpa cardigan with something gauzy (but not too revealing for daylight).  If ever the lingerie feels just a little too scandalous, pair the piece with denim – jeans add a casual but conservative vibe, and fitted skinny jeans in particular keep the appearance of just a little bit of daring.  Be adventurous with your wardrobe, just remember to keep it classy!





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