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Welcome to “Bra-La-Land”!

Ladies, why not unleash your inner creativity and sense of adventure by customizing your own bra? There’s plenty of potential to work with your favourite theme, the only limitation is that it needs two cups. My gallery here shows just SOME of what’s possible to create– from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here’s my run down of the most fascinating (and outrageous!) customized bras.  Enjoy!

“My Chopsticks Bra” by Triumph – highly impractical bit of fun promoting an environmental message, with a Japanese dining table theme designed to promote the use of reusable chopsticks instead of disposable ones.

Another hot little item from Japan is “The Warm Biz Bra” by Triumph, lined with thermal fabric and featuring microwavable removable cookies and long furry straps that wrap around the neck like a scarf.

“The Hands Bra” is ideal for those who want to feel hands cupping their breasts everywhere they go! Really only practical if you want a scandalous ‘peek-a-boo’ effect, but is most likely better off as an interesting art piece on your coffee table!

The ‘Wine Rack’ is a tank bra containing a breast-enhancing polyurethane bladder that can be filled up with a drink of your choice and sucked out through a tube (much like the concept of a “beer helmet”). Just think, no more queuing up and forking out for overpriced drinks at festivals, gigs and games. As well as its booze-smuggling benefits, this bra increases your cup size by two full cups, until of course you start to empty it!

Then there’s the “Bacon Lovers Bra “, which given it’s raw state, is perfect for sun bathing, until you get the crispness you want! (Just kidding – don’t try that at home!)  I’m sure there’s a vegetarian version out there somewhere too…

Displaying edible bras worked for Katy Perry and her California Girls ”Cupcake Bra”. It unleashed a buzz of media attention and ignited a whole new trend for the costume (and cupcake) industry.

Lady Gaga also seems intent on pushing bra boundaries with her numerous theatrical breast coverings – from the hard plastic, pointy bra/chestplate thing, and the flaming metallic bra cup thing, to her infamous machine gun holster bra featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.  An easier one to make at home is her studded leather bra and briefs set worn with matching headband.

Some extreme statement pieces actually create a fashion movement.  It was Madonna who was the first performer to launch bras to centre stage with Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic cone stitched bra (featured during the Blonde Ambition tour in 1990) It inspired the entire 1990’s corsetry trend and is still influencing bra design today. [Don’t miss seeing the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, right now until October!].

Hope you have fun looking these wild and crazy bras!  What kind of bra would YOU create?
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Images: 25 Super Cool Bras We Think You Ladies Should Try On | Smosh Lady Gaga’s See-Through Plastic Bra – Hot Or Not? – Blonde ambition tour – Madonna Photo (21285073) – Fanpop Hands On Boob Lingerie: Wacky Hand Bra To Embrace Your Boobs!




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