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When we see a new lingerie trend, we love to embrace it and show you all how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

But a new trend we’ve been seeing calls for ditching the underwear, either completely or during certain activities. So we wondered; is this really safe?

Mid-Rise Lace Panty by Cybele

Well, the best place to start is to look at why we wear underwear and why women are choosing not to wear it all the time. We wear underwear because it’s just the norm, because it’s comfortable, and/or because it gives us security and coverage. We also feel like it helps control and capture all the natural moisture and stuff we create throughout the day.

We also can’t forget that underwear is so beautiful, and slipping on a cute pair of underwear that fits well and is comfortable can help give us a little sexy boost to our day!

Marion Low Rise Hipster by Parfait Lingerie

Most of us would agree these are the main reasons we wear underwear, no? So why are women saying goodbye to their underwear either sometimes or all the time?

From what we can see, a lot of it is about a sense of liberation. They feel more free in their clothing, they feel more comfortable when they sleep, and the don’t have a moisture issue they’re trying to keep under control. They also don’t believe going sans undies has any sort of negative health benefit.

Smolder Retro Brief by Blush Lingerie

Of course for us, the bells went off when it came to vaginal health. That’s by far the most important aspect of this trend, and we can’t endorse or embrace any trend if it isn’t healthy.

Despite what has been widely believed for years, several sources and experts say there is no correlation between wearing underwear and the increase or decrease of any adverse health issues, such as bacterial infections, UTIs, yeast infections, and the like. Now, that DOES depend on what type of underwear you wear. The more natural the fabric, the better, of course. The fit also matters; if underwear is too tight, too small, or doesn’t cover where it needs to, the friction can cause bacterial build up. Even when you’re working out or wearing jeans – two of the most common hesitations for women who are considering going panty free – there don’t seem to be any negative health concerns.

Microfiber High-Waisted Brief by Montelle Intimates

It really comes down to personal preference, personal odor levels, and personal moisture levels. There are definitely some occasions that warrant going panty free, like when you’re sleeping. However, the choice is yours!

Would YOU ever consider going panty free?

Let us know in the comments below!

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