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How do you ever choose which lingerie to buy when there are just so many beautiful things out there?!

Think of your lingerie collection as a closet – you first want to have the essentials, and then sprinkle in the pretty things here and there. Just like you should always have a crisp white button up and a go-to dark wash jean, there are some bras you definitely need to build up a solid lingerie wardrobe.

Straight from the Bra Doctor herself, these are the 5 styles of bras every woman should have for the most stylish, versatile, and practical wardrobe of your life!

The Smoothing Bra

Never worry about those unwanted lumps and bumps that don’t actually exist, but seem like they do because you’re not wearing a proper-fitting, seamless bra.

A smoothing bra will virtually disappear under the slinkiest of tops, where you definitely don’t want any of your bra lines to show. These bras are also incredibly comfortable, and can feel like a dream when they fit you well. A smoothing bra works for almost any occasion with any type of garment you choose to wear.

The Sexy Push Up Bra

A push up bra isn’t only for enhancing your cleavage – although that’s a nice perk (pun intended).

A push up bra can help you fill out a top or a dress, and it can also keep your girls lifted up where they need to be which can work wonders for the curvature of your body. When your breasts hang lower because of a lack of support, that can actually take the focus away from your waist and make you appear bigger than you actually are.

Finding a push up bra that fits well with soft cushion cups will keep you comfortable, even if you wear it all day.

The Multiway Bra

You don’t have to buy a bra to work for every little trendy top that you might have when you have a multiway bra in your arsenal.

Take off a strap or two, move the strap from one side to the other – the options are endless! They’re ideal for slinky straps, one shoulder and cold shoulder tops, low cut dresses, and so much more.

If you have a heavier bust, you may feel like strapless bras are a no-go – and that’s so not true! A strapless bra that fits well won’t fall down with every shimmy and shake.

The Wirefree Bra

For the woman who doesn’t like to wear bras due to discomfort, or the woman who just needs a break every now and again from strong wires, a wire-free bra is the perfect solution – and yes, they are supportive of big busts and small!

Your weekends and casual outings are made so much easier with a wire-free bra that offers more freedom of movement and a more lax fit, while still giving your breasts the support they need to remain healthy.

Don’t fret – a well-made bralette counts!

The Sports Bra

A regular bra doesn’t belong in a gym, even if you just do yoga or light exercising.

Any type of physical activity calls for a sports bra, which is made specifically to support your breasts during any type of movement, whether rigorous or light. Your breasts deserve it, don’t you think!?

Plus, they’re so very comfy and incredibly trendy nowadays that when you want to get dressed down, you can slip on your sports bra with a tee and some leggings and you still look stylish!

Do YOU have these 5 bras in your lingerie drawer?

Let us know in the comments below!

If you need any help picking the right essential bra for you, our Bra Doctor can help!

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