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Celebrity Lingerie Brands

When a celebrity becomes famous, it’s usually for a particular talent; singing, dancing, acting, or some other form of entertainment. However, it’s been a long-standing tradition that once a star or starlet builds their reputation, they use their status to pursue other business opportunities. In this modern market, celebrities create brands out of ourselves. From perfumes, to clothing lines, to cosmetic lines, celebrities are placing their name all over whatever they can in order to spread more awareness about themselves.

Recently, some of our favourite starlets announced lingerie collaborations, where they will incorporate their personal style into undergarments and loungewear for us all to enjoy.

1 | Britney Spears

Photo courtesy of E Online

The ultimate pop diva will be adding a lingerie line to her long list of business ventures. Spears’ line is launching September 8th in collaboration with the CHANGE lingerie company with an NYC promotional fiesta. CHANGE recently announced the team effort on their Facebook page, which will include a variety of pieces. Britney will be designing lingerie sets, bustiers, kimonos, and loungewear. The items will be available online in the US and Canada in sizes A-J after the launch. For such a style chameleon, it’ll be interesting to see what inspires Spears’ lingerie line, but there’s no doubt there will be the air of sexiness and femininity that Spears’ is so well-known for.

2| Gwen Stefani

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

Since the launch of Stefani’s L.A.M.B line over a decade ago, she has remained a consistently unique force in the celebrity fashion industry. Garnering respect and admiration for her bold and original aesthetic, Stefani has infused everything she’s learned and her most precious pieces into a line of lingerie with Hanky Panky. The line of underwear, camisoles, and bras will feature old L.A.M.B touches such as a newer version of the Lambie Camo Print and original monograms. This collection is ideal for the woman who likes bold prints, touches of rock and roll, and out-of-the-box lingerie. Stefani’s line is available either on or

3 | Dita Von Teese

Photo courtesy of Catwalk Queen

Dita Von Teese is a stunning burlesque dancer, known for her sexy, seductive, and inspired fashion sense. She is sharing her sensual taste with online retailer Bare Necessities, who are now going to be carrying some of her lingerie lines. These lines include Madame X, Man Catcher, Sheer Witchery, and Star Lift. With pieces for every woman with any preference, Von Teese’s pieces capture an old Hollywood glamour essence, with touches of lace and satin. For the woman who wants to put together an entire look, perhaps play a character, or wear something special for her significant other, Von Teese’s eclectic pieces are perfect.
Each of these beautiful and fabulous ladies offer something different to appeal to all of us women. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that it’s important to buy products that are not only going to do your body justice, but fit you and support you the way you need it. Consider talking to the Bra Doctor, Celine, to learn how you can find your correct size before shopping for lingerie online.

Which collection are you most excited to see? Share with us below!



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