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Whether you prefer to hit the trails for a hike or do a round of strength training in the gym, amping up your exercise routine is key for you to look and feel your best during beach season. Regardless of size or shape, every little bit helps and that includes getting the right gear for your workout. To help kickstart your exercise routine we’ve rounded up our favourite bra-fitting tips to keep your ladies in line as your heart rate stays up all summer long.

 Match your bra to your workout

Almost as important as getting out and exercising is making sure your girls have the right amount of support for whatever your workout may be. Just as every woman is different, so too are her workouts so it’s important to have a few different bras on-hand. For example, Monday’s free flowing yoga session may not require as much support as Thursday’s five-mile run. Smaller cups should try a racerback bra like Les Essentiels Cotton Racer-back Sports Bra by Elita for a lower impact workout. Larger breasts or a high impact workout may require you to switch to a bra like the Tri Action Underwired Sports Bra by Triumph for maximum support as you push your limits and meet new goals.

Size matters

When it comes to the right bra for your workout, size matters. Recent stats from Nike suggest that almost half of Canadian women have never been sized for a bra and of those that have, 80% are wearing the wrong size. A proper fitting sports bra can make all the difference in how you exercise as well as how your body and adapts to a workout. Improper posture, back, neck and shoulder pain and even leg pain or improper technique can all be the result of a sports bra that is the wrong size and thus offers little support.

The larger your breasts are, the more support you may need, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort or style. According to, the average A cup travels about an inch and a half in each direction, while a D cup will bounce two or three times that. For example, a woman with a size 38D chest who loves running may feel like she’s flying in the wind with a single sports bra. In reality, there is no reason why any size woman shouldn’t be able to run with just one bra. Larger chested divas should opt for a high support bra like Nike’s new Pro Rival.

Give your bra a trail run

Nike Pro Rival Bra via

When trying on any sports bra keep these tips in mind:

  • Do three to five jump squats to test how the bra might fare mid-stride, jump or Zumba spin. Standing with your feet hip width apart, squat down with your butt low but so that your knees aren’t over your toes. Then jump up and return to your starting position. Take note of how the bra felt during the jumps and if you needed to adjust your breasts into the cups of the bra post-jump.
  • Try two to three standing oblique twists. Start with your hands extended to either side then rotate at the hip, alternating from side to side. Check again for any shimmying you may need to do post-exercise to settle your breasts back into place.
  • Move around in place, swinging your arms front to back while being mindful of any rubbing. At around two miles this could lead to uncomfortable chafing or a rash – especially in the heat of summer. If it rubs, swap for a different size or try on a different style that may not have additional or textured fabric under the arms.

Need bra fitting help? Ask Celine, our Bra Doctor with over 25 years of experience in the lingerie industry. Email her at

Do you have any tips to finding the perfect sports bra? What’s your favorite way to work out? Let us know in the comments below or tell us on Twitter and Facebook.

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