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Music and fashion share a very intimate relationship – but this hasn’t always been the case! Before and immediately after major clothing manufacturers began producing affordable clothing on a mass scale, income (like social status) was one of the sole factors that determined how people dressed. Starting in the ‘50s, however, as color television and musical variety shows grew in popularity, famous musicians began to impact fashion trends. Since then, the music industry has grown so influential that today you can often tell what kind of music someone likes by looking at their clothes. Read on to see how you can incorporate the fashions your preferred music genre into your look!


Uber popular contemporary songstress Enya almost always opts for long, dreamy dresses.

If you like “contemporary” or “new age” music…

You might be attracted to a clean, fresh appearance that is modern, classy and beautiful, not harsh, loud or overbearing. This genre is generally very smooth, light, airy and inspirational and a lot of new age artists also consider their music to possess somewhat of an ethereal, spiritual quality. Steer clear of bright colors and bold patterns and look for pretty neutrals & soft pastels.


Joan Jett likes to wear vests with nothing underneath! Very bold and very sexy.

If you like “rock’n’roll” or “alternative” music…

This genre is so varied it’s hard to pin-point a defining look. Truthfully, what unites all of the different sub-categories is a rebellious attitude. Rock stars challenge the status quo and wear what suits them – with nothing but the utmost in-your-face confidence. If you’re trying a rock look, opt for leather, boots, denim, jackets, and bold jewelry.


I want Taylor's outfit!

If you like “folk” or “country” music…

Personally, I think the country music look is great; it’s fun-loving, old-fashioned yet daring and has buckets of charm! The country look isn’t complicated to achieve – try cowboy boots, plaid and jeans – and today’s country musicians tend to mix and match this basic formula with elements all sorts of other genres (e.g. a leather jacket and cowboy boots). I’d recommend following their lead!


You probably recognize Zooey Deschanel from many movies, but she's also the adorable female half of indie band She And Him.

If you like “indie” music…

Many indie music fans are referred to as “hipsters”. In my opinion, hipsters are simply fashionable people who manage to pull some pretty crazy hat tricks and still create a cohesive image. Skinny jeans, plaid, androgynous shapes & fits, bright pink or red lipstick and hair tied up in a high bun or left long and wavy (i.e. natural-looking) are often what you’ll see at an indie music show. This genre promotes taking chances and feeling good, so don’t be shy!


I am a fan of rock, folk & indie music, mainly and yes, my closet is a mess! (Definitely read my last blog about my favorite fashion icons!) Have fun this weekend tweaking your look & listening to some good tunes!




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