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Have you ever wondered why there are so many gorgeous styles of bras for smaller bust sizes and yet in bigger sizes they look less attractive? Well, as a bra designer, my larger breasted work colleagues have always complained to me about how unfair it is that our cute little 34B samples are rarely available commercially in anything larger than a C cup. That’s because it’s much more complicated than merely ‘sizing up’.

1906 Lace Allure Bra by Triumph

Cup structure for the bigger sizes obviously has to accommodate far more weight and volume than the smaller cups, meaning that the overall structure of the bra has to change (otherwise they’d be horribly uncomfortable and unsupportive!). Straps need to be less elastic so that they don’t stretch out and lower the bustline, but comfortable too, wider and not rigid so that they don’t cut into your shoulders (since this is where the majority of the weight is supported). The centre front depth needs to be wide enough to avoid collapsing. Hook and eye closures need to be wider and supportive across the back, and the wings need to be made from a higher density stretch fabric to prevent creasing. But the most dramatic visual difference for fuller-figured bras is the design and coverage of the cup. As breasts become larger, their shape and the distribution of tissue within them changes, becoming bulbous (not conical) so the shape of the cup needs to accommodate this difference. They can never look cute (a term usually reserved for smaller garments), but they can look very pretty!

Seductive Shape Underwire Bra and Panty Girdle by Naturana

Thankfully there are quite a few bra brands now that specialize in larger cup sizes and are doing an excellent job of it! Now Thats Lingerie has a comprehensive collection of plus size bras and here are a couple of the prettiest.

Take for instance the 1906 Lace Allure Lace Bra by Triumph, with great coverage, excellent support and a very pretty and flattering lace-edged neckline so the cups don’t appear too big. The leotard (or U shaped) back makes it incredibly comfortable, and the molded cups give you a beautifully smooth bustline under your fitted tops.

For those ladies who love the sexy retro look, just check out the 7041 Seductive Shape Underwire Bra by Naturana. With it’s three-paneled cups and matching 1950’s style girdle – you’ll get that super-hot hour-glass look that’s so fashionable right now!

For a sensational bra and panty set I’d strongly recommend the gorgeous 5602 Regal Embroidery Soft Cup Bra by Naturana in colours Blackberry or Parma. Made from super-soft Microfibre with a delicate floral embroidery, this soft cup bra plus it’s matching high-rise brief is a very sophisticated addition to any wardrobe, not to mention comfy and feminine and available up to a 48E!







5602 Regal Embroidery Soft Cup Bra by Naturana





But finally, remember that only a correctly fitted bra can provide the lift and support needed to beautify your bust. It’s a fact that those ladise who need the most supportive bras are actually the ones more likely to be wearing the wrong size, so go and get yourself properly fitted by our very own Bra Doctor!

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