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Fit to be Tied: Corsets in the Fashion World

Fit to Be Tied: Corsets in the World of Fashion

“A lady is one who never shows her underwear unintentionally.” – Lillian Day, actress

Corsets have figured in women’s wardrobe for centuries, under many different names.  From ‘stays’, to the ‘payre de bodies’ of Elizabethan days and down to its most notorious 18th – 19th century incarnations, these garments have remained hidden while helping to achieve a trim and shapely figure.  While designed to give women the coveted ‘hourglass figure’, the pinnacle of aesthetic beauty in those days, these accessories were also notorious for discomfort, restricted movement and breathing.  Did you know that it was once believed that shallow breathing was attractive to men?  No wonder fainting was a common occurrence in those days!

Lacy Plus-Size Corset With Lace-Up Back by Grenier Lingerie

It’s difficult to get past all the age-old stereotypes, but when they are not used to achieve an extreme figure a la Cathie Jung, corsets can improve posture, support the back, and help you appear trimmer.  Though the corset has fallen out of favor at times, most notably during the Regency era and the Roaring Twenties, stylish lingerie is ever a must in the fashion world.  And with the underwear as outerwear trend, expect a sassy ‘Hello!’ and a wink from these shapely beauties, as they unabashedly make a public debut!

Lace-Up Back Corset With Black Lace And Stitching by Grenier Lingerie

These days, we celebrate all shapes and sizes, and with that mentality, corsets are more ‘hug’ than ‘squeeze’.

When purchasing or wearing these boudoir beauties, keep in mind:

  • Corsets should fit snugly, yet respect our varying curves.  They can and should be comfy!
  • These garments are both playful and sexy.  Wear them with a matching attitude!
  • Corsets can give your bosom a lift just as well as any push-up bra –with a little extra elegance.
  • There’s a corset for any mood and look you want to convey –from Victorian vixen to pin-up starlet!

(Left) Etoile corset & thong, (Center) After Dark strapless corset and thong, (Right) Enchanted Bloom push-up corset and thong, all by Blush, available at Now That’s Lingerie

Just like the little black dress, it seems the corset has the staying power to be not only a tool for fashion, but a timeless classic as well.  Look beautiful, feel beautiful, and carry yourself with confidence.  Not only are we beautiful inside and out, our clothes are, too!

“I think lingerie plays a big part in how you carry yourself.” –Nicole Richie

Do you think corsets have a role in the lingerie as outerwear trend?


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All corsets pictured are from Now That’s Lingerie.

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  • Megan Holdings

    Cathy! Great selection of lingerie corsets! I’ve been looking for a few of these. I usually wear waist training corsets but when I’m not tight-lacing I cant help but want to still be able to have corset look.

  • admin

    Hey Megan, thanks for your comment!

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