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Gift Trend: Boudoir Photos

Thinking of something special and original to do for your significant other for the holidays, Valentine’s Day or a special occasion? Consider boudoir photos, a personalized, one-of-a-kind gift that’s sure to delight and thrill. A photography trend that started in the bridal world and has grown exponentially in the last few years.  Boudoir photos are sensual, intimate pictures taken in a woman’s “boudoir” or dressing room. Women are getting boudoir photos taken for special occasions, to give as gifts, and even just to enjoy for themselves.

Personalized vintage boudoir photo look

Personalized vintage boudoir photo look

The great thing about boudoir photos is the many ways you can personalize both the experience of taking the photos and the photos themselves. Bridal is still popular, but many other themes have sprung up, and the themes are as varied as the women themselves. Picking a theme, as well as working yourself up to posing for the pictures, can seem daunting, so let’s go through some of the things you need to consider before getting in front of the camera.

Lingerie boudoir photo

Lingerie boudoir photo

The first thing to consider is style, not just for the clothes you’ll be wearing, but the style of the photos themselves. Different photographers take different styles of photos, and you’ll need to do some research of photographers in your area. Do you want Old Hollywood glamour, or Pin-up Girl saucy? Over-the-top bombshell, or serene goddess?  There are even boudoir studios that do editorial-style, high-fashion type shots that look more like the pages of Vogue than Victoria’s Secret. Technical details like lighting and lens type create different looks, so don’t be afraid to explore many different photography studios to get the look that’s right for you.

1810 Triumph Vintage Curves Lacy Bra available at Now That's Lingerie

1810 Triumph Vintage Curves Lacy Bra available at Now That’s Lingerie

You can also start thinking about themes. Do you want traditional photos in lingerie, or are there props or other clothing styles you want to incorporate? Anything from feather boas to tool belts and hard hats can be inspiration for photos. Or let the lingerie inspire you. For example, this Vintage Curves Lacy Bra by Triumph Lingerie is feminine and romantic, so incorporating silk sheets, dreamy makeup, and soft lighting into a shoot with this bra makes sense. Compare that look to the one you’d build around Midnight Kiss Satin And Lace Sleep Teddy by Blush, which might inspire dark eyes, black lace and shadowy lighting.

Boudoir Photography Jeans & Camisole

Boudoir Photography Jeans & Camisole

You’ll also have to consider what you’ll wear, or in this case, NOT wear. Partial or full nudity is okay and often expected, but no one will push you to expose more than you’re comfortable with. If you want to do a shoot fully clothed, it’s no problem. Most photography sessions happen with just one photographer, usually female, either in your own home or a private studio. Discretion is incredibly important to a boudoir photographer, so feel free to discuss any privacy concerns you have as you are scouting for photographers.

Midnight Kiss Satin & Lace Teddy by Blush inspires naughty boudoir photography.

Midnight Kiss Satin & Lace Teddy by Blush inspires naughty boudoir photography.

Some photographers are busy so booking a photo-shoot date early is a must – start looking now to have photos ready for Valentine’s Day! As mentioned above, most shoots will take place in either a studio or your own home, though some photographers won’t mind doing a shoot on location elsewhere as long as you work out the details in advance. Many photographers offer hair and makeup as an add-on to the shoot, though most say to bring your own clothing. For a basic shoot, Catherine Leonard Photography in New York suggests bringing one set of black lingerie and a set of white, both of which will photograph well, and favorite jeans and a tight shirt. If you’re doing a theme, it’s probably better to stick to one style of clothing (like all vintage clothes or all beachwear) rather than mixing. The photographer will help you pose, but it definitely helps to practice in front of a mirror beforehand to lose some of the model-jitters. The most important thing is to let loose, express yourself, and have fun, and the pictures can’t help but turn out great.

Have you ever had boudoir photographs done?  Share your tips with us below,  on Twitter or our Facebook page!


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