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How to Gift Wrap, Sit Back & Relax

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is feeling a little more stressed.  There’s shopping, parties to attend…but in between all the planning and chaos, we all have to give ourselves some time to relax and wind down, or risk burning out when all the fun is actually happening.  Why not use time management skills, and try to coordinate some of the planning with your downtime?

Ladies, there is a way to be comfortable, spend time with friends, and get in some holiday chores in a single afternoon (or evening)!  One way to go about this would be to host a sort of a small holiday-themed party, where you invite a few of your closest friends (usually your girls), and tell them to bring a few presents they need to gift-wrap for people (who obviously aren’t going to be attending the party).

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As hostess, all you need to provide is some wrapping materials (or the arts and crafts supplies you need to make your own – Martha Stewart offers creative gift wrap ideas here) and some space. String up some festive lights and keep the holiday tunes down low, and have your guests supply some munchies, or a few bottles of wine.


There’s only one condition-everyone has to be comfortable. Make sure your invite specifies that the dress code be loungewear casual, and insist on having the girls (and yourself) bundling up in warm flannel cozies, robes and slippers!


This way, you give yourself a valid reason not to get out of your pajamas for the day, let in some cheer for yourself as well as a few of your choice girlfriends, and tackle the chore of gift-wrapping in the good and fun company.  You could even turn your gift-wrapping party into a mini-sleepover – you’re already halfway there, and snug feeling of being bundled up in PJsaround the ladies you feel most comfortable with, can be cathartic to frazzled nerves.

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When your friends come, you have easy choices for beverage selections-hot cocoa or eggnog (sprinkled with some soothing cinnamon and nutmeg) for a non-alcoholic treat, or you could add a dash of alcohol in egg nog, coffee or cocoa for a holiday spiced nip.

For those that are feeling particularly giving, and/or are preemptive with their gifting this year, you can even supply a nice pair or slippers or warm set of pajamas for your guests as they walk in the door!

They can enjoy an early holiday surprise, and you have prepared a venue in which to give away some necessary gifts for a few close friends, as well as an opportunity for them to enjoy what you have chosen!

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How will you find some time to relax this time of year? Hope you’ll share your secret with us!
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