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What’s in YOUR Fall Color Palette?

Katrina undercovers what’s hot for daytime and night time makeup wear. No hibernating THIS year!

Hmm, so it’s official: fall has arrived and our summer attire departs. So we’ve got the scoop on how to mix and match layers of sweaters of all sorts and which colours we will be adorned in, but what about our makeup? Say a happy ‘ta-ta!’ to Bronze Summer Goddess Babe because, honey, it’s time to change it up once again to something warm and start afresh!


Daytime: Opt for a natural light-hearted earthy look. First apply iridescent pearl eye shadow to the inside corner of your eyes, lightly brushing to the middle: this really opens them up. Then apply a medium brown eye shadow starting from the middle of your eyelid right to the end to enhance those beautiful eyes. No eyeliner is needed because we’re looking fresh this morning, but dark brown mascara is a do!

Night time: All you need to do is add a darker shade of eye shadow to the crease of your eyes and blending to just above the medium brown you’ve already got going for you. Apply this same shade in an eyeliner format and proceed to smudge. Done and done.  (A suggestion, perhaps? Add a peach coloured blush to complement those daring eyes (it also adds softness to cuteness).

Need to visualize? Wear this look with Triumph’s Lace Sensation Underwire Bra – comfortable yet sexy for a naturally gorgeous effect.

1832 Shape Sensations Lace Bra by Triumph, available at Now That's

1832 Shape Sensations Lace Bra by Triumph, available at Now That’s 


Blue MakeupDaytime: Go for a medium shade of blue this fall. Like a turquoise. Why not? Once again start the iridescent wonders of opening up and popping those eyes starting from the inside corners to blending in a lovely fresh shimmery turquoise from the middle of the lid to the end. Apply two coats of black mascara (maybe even a deep navy blue mascara…oooh yes!) and off you go!

Night time: Apply a navy blue to the crease of your lid, blending into the turquoise, as your making your way to the end of your upper lid. Smoke that gorgeous eye by applying the same navy blue eye shadow under your eye and proceed with one more layer of mascara to let your eyes do the flirting!

(May I suggest? …Go for a deep tan to contour those cheek bones. Meow.)

Visualize this look with: Blue Emotions Lacy Underwired Bra by Naturana Exklusiv.


7634 Blue Emotions Lace Bra by Naturana Exklusiv, available at Now That's Lingerie

Purple makeup 

Daytime: Hmm, did someone say ‘Purple Rain’? Unleash your subtle vixen by applying a shimmery tan coloured eye shadow to the inside corners of your eyes moving your way to the middle lid. Continue this stroke of luck by adding some shimmery plum purple eye shadow. Don’t forget two coats of mascara to enhance those beautiful eyes.

Night time: Vixen at full fierceness! Apply a charcoal gray eye shadow to add smouldering to already sultry. Again, apply to lower lash line and away you go. Try not to stop traffic…though we know you will!

(Allow me if I may… Apply a rosy-raisin shade of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Oh, what a stunner!)

Look ultra-sophisticated when you pair it with this Naked Envy Long Semi Sheer Lace Chemise by Blush Lingerie.


222454 Naked Envy Long Gown by Blush, available at Now That's Lingerie

222454 Naked Envy Long Gown by Blush, available at Now That’s Lingerie


Have fun with your makeup! Please comment below, email me or connect with us via Twitter & Facebook for more suggestions or ideas!

– Katrina




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