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Shoppers Flock To Madrid – Minus Their Clothes

It’s nearly everyone’s worst nightmare – being caught out in public without any clothes on.  But this January in Madrid, the capital of Spain, shoppers were lined up in just their underwear, turning a common bad dream into a very fashionable reality.

The event was a store sale. Desigual, a clothing company local to the area, opened their doors on January 2nd with a condition-the first one hundred shoppers to enter the store without outerwear would receive an outfit for free.

Usually, in the beginning of January, the scantily clad promo wouldn’t fly very far-it’s much too cold around most of the world for customers to be exposed to winter weather.  In Madrid, however, the weather is obviously warmer, but not by much-the low temp for that day was 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The gimmick was a success, with men and women (the store offers unisex apparel) lined up in the streets to partake in the sale.

After making a selection in the store, the scantily clad consumers were told to bring their purchases to the front of the store, where the clerks would remove the security tags so they could wear their clothing on the way out.

It’s definitely a risque, daring way to kick off 2012. Right after the New Year’s Holiday, the store took a gamble and brought a lot of national attention to their line of clothing by daring their customers to do something most would never do.  The gamble paid off for the dedicated, who shivered outside in anticipation for hours before store opening.

The story doesn’t end here, however. Desigual also owns a brick-and-mortar business in San Francisco, and the chain has reported they will try the stunt in America at the California location soon.

What do you think? Would you try something so daring for a free outfit? Comment below, email me, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook!


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