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The Pajama Trend

Remember when casual comfort dressing meant jeans and a tee?  Well, now it seems there’s a new kid on the block, and it must be asked…

When did wearing one’s PJs outside of one’s private domains become ‘fashionably’ acceptable and a trend to boot?

Perhaps Casual Fridays are to blame?  Bless its soul, but ever since the idea was introduced, relaxation in dress standards for one day a week slowly spread to the other days of the week, until our entire existence was one of comfort if not exactly sartorial splendor.

Well, we’re not quite sure how, but as usual, what we mere mortals do out of a can’t-be-bothered attitude, celebrities somehow take our ideas and manage it into something worthy to be named a trend.  From flannel ‘suits’ with printed bunnies at Walmart, they upped the stakes to zany printed silk concoctions at trendy boutiques in Los Angeles.  Designers have also embraced the trend, starting with Prada in 2001 and continuing today with the likes of Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, the ‘proper’ Chanel (or was she ever proper?) Tommy Hilfiger, and a host of others..

Haute couture is all glam and sophisticated print – high street takes a more laidback and cheeky route…

But does star status elevate a look from fashion faux pas to trend du jour?  Take a look at the work of some designers, and the celebrities who have debuted their sleepwear to the world.


Models, celebrities and stylists take to their comfies… can the look be pulled off? I’m not too sure about Rachel’s especially PJ-like, well, PJs…

Chime in, lovelies!  Will you be trying the PJ trend anytime soon?  Or will memories of your Mom calling you back to wear something ‘proper’ pop into your head?


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  • Claire

    If I could live in my PJs all day long, I totally would. Lovely comfy lougey things, what’s not to love? I wonder if turning them into haute couture day wear will change and/or lose the fundamental essence of the pyjama? Hmm. That’s an essay question right here 😉

  • Cathie

    Claire, thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts! 🙂 Aren’t PJs a divine invention? That is also a very interesting question –one hopes that couture will recognise and try to preserve the charming, comfy qualities we have come to know and expect from them!

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