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Top 30 Lingerie, Fashion & Beauty Blogs

Blogs about lingerie, fashion and beauty are a hit with the ladies.

Here are our selections for
Top 30 Blogs that educate, entertain and inspire.

1. The Lingerie Addict

About: Treacle is the founder of the number one lingerie blog worldwide. After four years her vision of the lingerie world has only improved. Her blog covers high end and low-end brands, along with all ages, body types, and sizes.

Read this post: Lingerie for Newbies: 7 Pieces I Would Buy If I Was Brand New To Lingerie

2. Invest in Your Chest

About: Cheryl is a 23 year-old English country girl. Her blog discusses her feelings and experiences with bras. Having worn ill-fitting bras for a large part of her life she says, “You’ve probably heard it said before, but it really and truly does change your life!” She takes her readers on a life journey of how to feel beautiful and comfortable in ‘your chest’.

Read this post: Star In A Bra: Curvy Kate Domination

3. Red Hair and Girly Flair

About: Cristyen describes herself as a ‘25-year-old geeky, goofy, dress-lovin’ fanatic residing in southern Louisiana’. Her passion is to help people by writing blogs about body image, health and fashion. With her quirky sense of humor, Cristyen keeps her readers inspired and well dressed!

Read this post: My Star In A Bra Adventure

4. Stack DD

About: Sarah is a DD+ woman who’s spent years researching, shopping, trying and road testing countless bras, swimsuits, sports bras, clothes, accessories and outerwear. With the researched reviews, tips, and clothing ideas, she hopes to encourage readers to spend less time agonizing over their ill-fitting bras and clothes and more time enjoying, ‘how gosh darn good you look!’

Read this post: The DD+ Reading Roundup

9515 Michelle Spaghetti Strap Nightgown by Now Tthat’s Lingerie

5. Bratabase

About: The creator and developer of Bratabase, JJ created this blog to help women simplify their bra shopping experiences by comparing bras, and telling us what bras may fit based on information added by her and other members. JJ created this group of strong women who have teamed up to help others find the perfect bra!

Read this post: Why You Shouldn’t Go To Victoria Secret For a Bra Fitting

6. Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

About: Georgina has been forever battling with diets, huge bras and high street dresses.  Her blog shares her experiences about living with and shopping for a fuller figure and bust. Her blog is inspirational to all curvy women around the world looking how to dress their fabulous bodies!

Read this post: Ill Fitting Bras Vs. Well Fitted Bras

7. Busts for Justice

About: Beckie created this blog when she discovered that shops were charging more for larger sizes. After four years, Busts 4 Justice continues to champion good fit and standards for big boobs everywhere.  She blog about bras, campaigns, fit, feminism, support and celebrates brilliant women all over the world.

Read this post: As if the bra fitting wasn’t bad enough…Victoria Secret Is Now Stealing Bums

8. 32AA Bra

About: Amanda created, a petite lingerie blog about small bras (AA – B cups). She published the Itty Bitty Bra Guide and all of a sudden started to hear from other small-busted women and teens about how hard it is to find sexy intimates that fit. Amanda continues her search and blogs about sexy lingerie for all seasons, colors and fabrics made for  petite sizes.

Read this postPretty Summer Lingerie That Breathes

9. Undercover Lingerista

About: Kitty is a lingerie and swimwear blogger from the UK, campaigner for 28-back sized bras and lover of all things fashion. She uses lots of pictures in her blogs and wins readers over with her cheeky and fun sense of humor.

Read this post: Sculpting Swimwear: Speedo Sculpture at the Vitality Show

10. Thin and Curvy

About: Brittany is an artist from North Carolina. She began writing her blog because she was frustrated with trying to find clothing, bras, and advice for large chested women. Her blog is aimed at helping women who are discouraged by the lack of resources for big-breasted women. Brittany says, “I am body image positive, and I want all women to be able to feel beautiful”.

Read this post: Casual Outfit-Visible Bra Straps

11. Lingerie Talk

 About: LingerieTalk is an independent blog created by Canadian Online Media Partners, a leading publisher of consumer information websites. Based just outside of Toronto, Ontario, LingerieTalk blogs about news, reviews and opinions on lingerie and fashion trends from Canada.

Read this post: Blush Covers All The Bases For Fall

12. Petite Coquette

About: Coquette is one of the leading and longest running lingerie blogs. If the gorgeous photography doesn’t capture your attention, the sophisticated sexy lingerie will. The blog educates its readers on the history of lingerie/fashion and blogs about new style collections.

Read this post: [More] Beauties to come: Minuit Douze

3703 Organic Bamboo Camisole by Desleigh Ann, available at Now That’s Lingerie

13. The Girl with the Messy Hair

About: KD is one of the new fresh faces of fashion blogging. Her blog started in 2009 in the Philippines and continues it now In Alberta, Canada. She blogs about her daily outfits and shares personal, everyday stories from her life. Her style has been recognized by big names such as MTV, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Holt Renfrew and the Canadian Blog Awards.

Read this post: Peter Pan

14. Final Fashion

About: Danielle is a fashion illustratorthinker and communicator. The Final Fashion blog is about fashion trend theory and independent creative career realization. On the side, Danielle creates illustrations for fashion designers, art directors and private clients. Her blog is very educational and will keep readers on the edge of their seats!

Read this post: Collectivism vs. individualism

15. Dress Me Dearly

About: Janis Galloway is founder of one of Edmonton’s first fashion blogs, Dress Me Dearly, and Wardrobe Stylist at her agency, Dress Me Dearly Styling where she works closely with clients to achieve their style goals. Janis’ focus is all about community and readers have come to love for its local content, which casts a spotlight on the City’s flourishing fashion landscape and the fascinating characters that make it so unique.

Read this post: Groovy Dhaling

16. Fashionist

About: Meet Christopher Turner, the great mind behind Fashionist. He is a style superstar who has worked in almost every aspect of the fashion world. The Fashionist offers a daily mix of trend reports, fashion and industry news.

Read this post: Nelson Mandela’s Clothing Line ‘466/64’ Debuts In North America:

17. Fashionising

About: Fashionising encourages their readers to indulge in the pleasures of fashion and use it to project their personality and ambition. Fashionising sees fashion as a projection of who people want to be – they believe fashion is about projecting where you’re going in life. They blog about fashion’s hottest trends as well as a fashionable lifestyle.

Read this postLingerie That Softly Romances: Cammello Maculato

18. Fashionologie

About: With multiple writers, Fashionologie gives their readers the insider news on all the hot fashion trends. They release the inside scoop into what’s happening inside the exclusive world of designers to their readers. For blogs about gossip, fashion, beauty, people, and news, Fashionologie is a one-stop-shop to all your fashion needs.

Read this post: Second-Skin Swim: The Season’s Sexiest Suits

19. Beauty Editor

About:  Michelle is the founder and editor of and a freelance beauty and health writer. Along with her two sidekicks, Elizabeth and Jasmine, the BeautyEditor keeps its readers in touch with anything beauty related.

Read this postAre You A Betty or Veronica?

Naked Envy Teddy by Blush, available at Now That’s Lingerie

20. Pop Champagne

About: Julie started Pop Champagne in 2009 when she moved to Ottawa, Canada. She began her blog to meet people in the city and it eventually turned into a fashion go-to blog! Julie blogs about her everyday fashion choices while taking pictures of her outfits. Along with her fashion expertise, she also has many helpful DIY tutorials.

Read this post: It Was All Yellow

21. I Want I Got

About: Anita Clarke is the editor and founder of the fashion blog, “I Want I Got.” Anita has brought her direct, no-frills perspective to the Toronto scene since 2005. Her main concept of the blog is to talk about things “I want” and things “I got”, but she also adds product reviews, reader quesouttions, sample and warehouse sale notification, fashion show reviews (Toronto, NYC, London, Milan, Paris) & more.

Read this postLove Beach Flip Flops

22. Fashion Assist

About: Fashionassist is a place for women to come for ‘real-life’ fashion advice. Their mantra is: “Shop Smart, Dress Smart, Look Smart”. They also have a section called ‘chit-chat’ where women come to discuss their very own experiences. Fashionassists’s main goals are to empower, motivate, support and inspire women!

Read this postCreating Your Own ‘Style Signature’…

23. A Haute Mess

About: A Haute Mess is a fashion blog and personal style diary written by Niki Blasina with a good dose of humor and fun. Posts primarily cover personal style, fashion news, shopping guides, trend reports and editorial inspirations, with a touch of pop culture, music, film, design, travel, beauty and lifestyle.

Read this postFlorals, Military, and a Love Note

24. Kendall Donaldson

About: Kendall is a personal style blogger who gets her kicks out of mixing her Grandmother’s vintage wares with her designer indulgences. She is a spontaneous whimsy girl who spends her days as an event and marketing coordinator. Her evenings are mostly spent blogging about her adventures around the city or enjoying her mother’s peaceful country house.

Read this postRun The World

25. Huffington Post

About: Huffington Post style keeps you up to date with all the news and beauty tips! With a large list of free lance writers, Huff post is a one stop shop for all your travel, entertainment, beauty, and fashion needs. With fun and original stories constantly coming out, you won’t want to miss this blog!

Read this post: Panty Power: How Pretty Underwear Can Boost Body Image

26. Montreal Fashion Biz Vie

About: aims to promote Montreal’s Fashion industry by providing an open and free (self-serve) technology platform to promote and provide information on all aspects of the Montreal Fashion Industry including Designers, Photographers, Product Launches, Models, Make-up artists, stylists, Montreal fashion blogs and more.

Read this post: Two Ways We’re Celebrating Montreal and Fashion Designers

27. Dreamy Velvet

About: Melanie Melendez is an everyday fashionista! Her blog describes her amazing buys and ‘how to do it yourself nail/makeup/jewelry’ tutorials! She posts pictures of her fabulous outfits and lets her readers know exactly where she bought them. With a great eye for fashion and details, her blog will keep you up to date with the season’s hottest looks.

Read this post: Dripping nails tutorial :

8115 Loreili Lace Nightgown by Arianne, available at Now That’s Lingerie

28. Girls of TO

About: Aleksandra and Dani take on entertainment and fashion in the general Toronto area. Their mission is simple: to bring all that is oh so fabulous about Toronto to their readers. They captivate their reader’s attention with their fun and entertaining stories on even the simplest of items.

Read this postWe3

29. I Am A Beauty Geek

About: Janine Falcon is the creator and writer of Beauty Geek. A beauty geek is anyone who loves how feeling good about yourself can make a whole day seem shiny. (Whether or not you accept it, how you think you look is big part of how you feel). Janine considers herself a geek about beauty learning — ingredients, how they work, who they work for, and how to use them. She gives her readers a fun new take on different beauty techniques.

Read this postBeauty Foods For Beautygeeks: Tasty Snacks For Healthy, Glowing Skin

30. Textstyles

About: Stefania Yarhi, a writer/photographer and blogger launched Textstyles in 2009. Textstyles is about showcasing what makes Stefania wake up in the morning, what she’s working on and what she enjoys spending time on. Whether she’s writing about New York Fashion Week, or beach on the coast of Italy, it’s all part and parcel of you’ll find in her blog.

Read this postStreet Style: Elin Kling

What do you think of our Top 30? Do you have any lingerie, fashion or beauty blogs you love that wasn’t mentioned here? Tell us!


Lingerie for Newbies: 7 Pieces I Would Buy If I Was Brand New To Lingerie (via The Lingerie Addict)

Star In A Bra: Curvy Kate Domination (via Invest in Your Chest)

My Star In A Bra Adventure (via Red Hair and Girly Flair)

The DD+ Reading Roundup (via Stack DD)

Why You Shouldn’t Go To Victoria Secret For a Bra Fitting (via Bratabase)

Ill Fitting Bras Vs. Well Fitted Bras (via Fuller Figure Fuller Bust)

As if the bra fitting wasn’t bad enough…Victoria Secret Is Now Stealing Bums (via Busts for Justice)

Pretty Summer Lingerie That Breathes (via 3AA Bra)

Sculpting Swimwear: Speedo Sculpture at the Vitality Show (via Undercover Lingerista)

Casual Outfit-Visible Bra Straps (via Thin and Curvy)

Blush Covers All The Bases For Fall (via Lingerie Talk)

[More] Beauties to come: Minuit Douze (via Petite Coquette)

Peter Pan (via The Girl with the Messy Hair)

Collectivism vs. individualism (via Final Fashion)

Groovy Dhaling (via Dress Me Dearly)

Nelson Mandela’s Clothing Line ‘466/64’ Debuts In North America (via Fashionist)

Lingerie That Softly Romances: Cammello Maculato (via Fashionising)–lingerie-loungewear-cammello-maculato-27175.html

Second-Skin Swim: The Season’s Sexiest Suits (via Fashionologie)

Are You A Betty or Veronica? (via Beauty Editor)

It Was All Yellow (via Pop Champagne)

Love Beach Flip Flops (via I Want I Got)

Creating Your Own ‘Style Signature’… (via Fashion Assist)

Florals, Military, and a Love Note (via A Haute Mess)

Run The World (via Kendall Donaldson)

Panty Power: How Pretty Underwear Can Boost Body Image (via Huffington Post)

Two Ways We’re Celebrating Montreal and Fashion Designers (via Montreal Fashion Biz Vie)

 Dripping nails tutorial (via Dreamy Velvet)

We3 (via Girls of TO)

Beauty Foods For Beautygeeks: Tasty Snacks For Healthy, Glowing Skin (via I Am A Beauty Geek)

Street Style: Elin Kling (via Textstyles)

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