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How to Wear the Rainbow: Your Guide to Colour-Blocking

Guide to Color Blocking

Bright and cheery, colour-blocking is a hot trend making its way from Summer to Fall fashions.  It’s all about colour, and about all colours!  Its high impact on the eyes makes the wearer stand out with a glow, and if the trend ever runs its course, those hue-saturated pieces will still find a place in your wardrobe as separate basics.

We’ve all worn colours before –perhaps just one hue that complements our eyes or hair or skin tone, but how can you mix it up a little and introduce more than one hue that packs a punch?  Are you starting to get worried about looking like a clown in a circus?  Don’t be!  With these styling tips, you’re sure to find something figure-flattering and downright gorgeous that will work for you!

Start small.  Work in bright accessories like bags, clutches or belts, or try a stack of multi-coloured bangles (arm candy!). Bright-coloured footwear also makes a ‘look-here!’ statement.

Try pieces that already have blocked colours incorporated.  What better way to try out a trend than when most of the work is already done for you?

Light Brite Dress by Papillon Blanc, available at Now That's Lingerie

Light Brite Dress by Papillon Blanc, available at Now That’s Lingerie

This Light Brite dress by Papillon Blanc is a great example.  If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go ahead and add some more vibrant colours to the mix!  Or tone it down a little with nude or metallic accessories.  Either way, you already have everyone’s attention!   Not to mention orange and pink are a very Parisian combination, so put a check beside ‘French chic’ on your list, too!

Keep it simple!  If you still feel like you’re drowning in a sea of Crayola crayons, try using only one bright shade as an accent or focal point.


Colour naturally draws the eye in, so pick a piece that will flatter your shape and curves, and then build contrasts with stabilizing neutrals.  This dress will still be right on trend, paired with black accessories!  And who can resist the pink and black pairing?

It doesn’t have to be all bright and neon!  A fantastic way to dip your toes in the colour-blocking trend pool is to use a softer or more neutral colour to finish off a look.  This works well in threes.  Try adding a soft matching pastel to two vivid complimentary colours.  It will both polish off the bright ‘edges’ of your look, and work as a soothing backdrop against the more forceful pieces.

Dune Lined Dress by Donna, available at Now That’s Lingerie

The soft blue shade on this Dune dress by Donna will work well with bright, bold pieces and bring them together harmoniously.

Be mindful of fit and shape.  Colour-blocking can make an outfit seem more casual, so it’s a good idea to use pieces with more fit and structure.  Peplum skirts, tailored blouses, and cropped pencil trousers are great pieces to have in colours as they will still define and enhance your figure.

Use the wheel of fortune!  Ok, it’s really a colour wheel, but this simple visual aid is a powerful tool for this trend – and anytime you want to rock some colour.


Keep it all in the (colour) family for a more subtle blend, or be adventurous and see what’s on the other side of the colour world, though be careful when you mix warm and cool shades.  It’s a hard one to get right!  But no matter what you concoct, the colour wheel is a great way to experiment and see what works, what doesn’t, and what looks absolutely amazing together.  Keep one in your purse (or on your phone) for quick reference when you’re out shopping for new pieces, and it will help ensure that you never take on more than the eye can handle!

Fashion is always about having fun, so go ahead –interpret this trend according to your personal style, and be avant garde!

How do YOU like to wear your colours? Share your tips with us by commenting below, on our Facebook page and on Twitter!


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