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Your Panty Persona

Hello Everyone!

Undies cover your bum, but you might not know they can also reveal things about your personality!  Take a look at your underwear drawer – what do your undies say about you? Read on to find out!

Blue Emotions Brief by Naturana Lingerie

Classic Bikini: Blue Emotions Brief by Naturana Exklusiv

Bikini ladies care about comfort and practicality, as well as aesthetics! This simple cut goes well under jeans and – when fitted properly – most pants, skirts and dresses. Bikini-cut panties are also universally flattering, come in a variety of colours, fabrics and patterns and look great on all shapes and sizes.  These Blue Emotions Briefs by Naturana Lingerie are a perfect example of how practicality meets cute in bikini panties!



Invisible Panty: Elita Invisible Thong

The Invisible panty is for the modern, sophisticated woman who puts a lot of time and effort into her polished and elegant appearance. In trousers, dress pants and other items, such as pencil skirts, the invisible panty ensures a sleek silhouette, uninterrupted by any VPL (Visible Panty Line!). The Elita Invisible Thong is a great example, and furthermore, it is stitch-less, meaning no uncomfortable seams to be seen!

Lacy Thong:

Emma Low-Rise Thong by Blush Lingerie

Lacy Thong: Emma Low-Rise Thong by Blush Lingerie

The Low-Rise Thong girl is youthful and carefree – just like the Emma Low-Rise Thong by Blush Lingerie! She sees the thong cut as liberating and a surefire way to guarantee her panties will remain undetected under any and all of her clothes. However, the thong-wearing lady is also likely very confident in her body, and doesn’t mind a little extra exposure when her clothes come off!




Cotton Boy-Shorts: Elita Lingerie’s Metropolis Cotton Hipster

Boy-Shorts look excellent on women with athletic or boy-ish builds, and feel the same as many styles of work-out shorts! For this reason, sporty, active women often gravitate towards this cut. On the flip side, boy-shorts also look fabulous on curvy, voluptuous women, as they can also be worn to emphasize a rounder bottom. This cotton hipster by Elita is extremely versatile, meaning it can be worn in different ways and flatter many shapes.



Comfort Curves Panty by Triumph Lingerie

Patterned Panty: Comfort Curves Panty by Triumph Lingerie

Meow! If you like this pair of Comfort Curves Panties by Triumph Lingerie, you are definitely a confident individual! Women who like quirky patterns, or bold patterns like the zebra print shown here, on their panties appreciate unique pieces and are unafraid to play around with their look. Playful and free-spirited, these panties are also very comfortable and can be your little, funky secret under your clothes!




So there you have it! I hope you had some fun and learned something new – hey, maybe you are a combo personality, like I am (Patterned Thongs and Bikinis for me!).

Until next time!





  • Lonnie

    It was fun reading and I learned something new here. I think I fit the classic bikini, aalthough I have some boy-shorts, however I like the patterned panties & lace panties, and that is my little secret, especially at the work site. I guess i am a Tri-combo ! With spring coming maybe its time to shop for some new panties ! Thanks Rachel !

  • rachel

    Hi Lonnie!
    Isn’t it neat to find out what our little preferences say about ourselves? You must have a wonderfully dynamic personality if you’re a TRI-combo! Haha, thanks for reading and it’s always so great to hear from you. Hope your pretty panties are treating you well!

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