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Any stylish lady will tell you that having a solid wardrobe isn’t about always jumping on trends: it’s about having the basics, then sprinkling in the trends that speak to you.

The fabulous thing about lingerie trends is that they tend to stick around for a while, and lingerie almost always serves a practical purpose. So if you’re looking to sprinkle in a few new trends, these styles are the hottest right now.

Floral Appliques

Florals are not just meant for a summer fling – the trend is so pretty that it sticks around all year.

Don’t let the snow stop you from indulging in florals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can go dark with a black set boasting green and blue florals from Parfait. You can also still channel warm colors with soft and sweet blush tones from Royce or subtle purples and greys from Montelle.

It can be refreshing and fun to add a print to your lingerie wardrobe for those days you’re feeling a little bored.

The New Neutrals

Neutrals on all sides of the spectrum have come to shine in fashion, and lingerie is following suit.

Sweet shades of browns, beiges, pale pinks, and blush have been introduced into the hottest styles, giving us endless options aside from our typical nudes, blacks, and whites. Interesting shades of browns and beiges have been huge, like the sleep teddy from Blush or the contour bra from Warner’s. Shades of pinks are also so light they appear neutral, as in this gorgeous chemise from Dreamgirl.

Colorful Athletics

Athleisure isn’t going anywhere, as women are loving how chic being comfortable can be.

Whether you have adopted a fitness regimen or just enjoy leisure apparel, color blocking and interesting color combinations can brighten your mood and your wardrobe.

Neutrals and bright colors mix wonderfully as can be seen with Naturana’s padded sports bra or Mapale’s wire-free option. Even colorful printed accents create a playful look as seen with the highly popular Triumph Triaction sports bra.

Sheer Elements

A little bit of mystery is always sexy, and you can achieve that with sheer elements.

It can be as simple as panels of mesh as in the Mesh Bodysuit from Mapale, or blocks of sheer fabric as in Eva’s corset or Fleur’t’s babydoll set. You can use it to your advantage to add some seductiveness to your wardrobe at your comfort level.

All About the Bodysuits

The bodysuit has infiltrated fashion at full force, and the trend is not slowing down.

The bodysuit is effortlessly versatile as you can style it as a part of your wardrobe or keep it under wraps until at home. Some bodysuits are just too pretty to keep under wraps, like the Brandy from Arianne or the Skyfall from Montelle.

A shapewear bodysuit such as the Air Underwired bodysuit from Body Hush can also be a fabulous staple that works double duty to highlight your curves and offer support, plus function as a part of your ensemble.

Triangle Bras

Bralettes have been a favorite among lingerie lovers for quite some time, and so some new developments were needed to keep the style interesting.

Many more bralettes are being designed in with triangle shaped cups and that style has become especially popular. A simple athleisure-inspired bralette like the Triangle bralette from Calvin Klein is a favorite among many, while those who love lace and support can enjoy the trend with styles like the Darling Lace from Triumph or the High Apex Underwired style from Eva Lingerie.

High Waisted Panties

As many ladies opt for more coverage but still like sexy styles, the high waisted panty is the best happy medium.

Some high waisted panties still push the envelope with details like keyhole openings – see Blush’s Escape high waisted number – and some pay homage to vintage origins like the Satin Charlotte from Parfait. They can also be ultra romantic in rich color with lots of lace like the Mystic Garden panty from Montelle.

It’s safe to say, these aren’t your grandma’s panties!

Which of these lingerie trends is your favorite?

Share with us in the comments below!

If you’re wondering if any of these styles will work for you, you can ask our Bra Doctor any questions you have!

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