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DIY Your Holiday with Pinterest

Gone are the days where if you wanted something, your only option was to buy it. With inspiration-packed websites like Pinterest, there are thousands of ways to make one of a kind things for yourself. Broken down into simple instructions with lots of gorgeous photographs, decorating for the holidays can now be an activity full of creation and innovation. Consider gathering a few girlfriends, or even your kids, and trying some of these fun do-it-yourself activities to make your holidays festive and unique.

1. Spruce and Berry Filled Mason Jars

Mason jars are so versatile and incredibly popular items, and chances are, you have a couple of them laying around your home. If not, a trip to the dollar store will provide you most, if not all, of the materials you need for this beautiful candle. You’ll need a mason jar, some fake berries and spruce, a votive candle, and some twine. This DIY comes courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats.

2. Hot Cocoa Mixed Ornaments

This is a simple gift idea for your co-workers or neighbours, or can be tied around another present with a piece of ribbon. You can play with different flavours, such as peppermint and white chocolate, and you can make several of these inexpensively. All you need are some translucent ornaments, which come in a variety of materials, some hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and any other sweets you’d like to add. Thanks to Bubbly Nature Creations for these ornaments.

3. Christmas Cheer Sign

Artsy Fartsy Mama took a quote from Elf and simply painted it on a piece of canvas, and it’s brilliant! This DIY lets you create a piece of holiday decor that you can’t necessarily buy in stores, but it will also mean something to you. All you need is some paint and a canvas, which can be found at a dollar store or craft store. Many of us have a holiday movie that we cherish, or reminds us of our childhood, so consider making one of these with a memorable quote that will make you smile every time you look at it.

4. Re-imagine Your Gift Wrapping

Songbird Blog takes some solid coloured wrapping paper and kicks it up a notch by placing a variety of different materials that could easily be found at a dollar store strategically atop her wrapped presents. Consider items like doilies, holiday-themed buttons, cupcake liners, patterned ribbon, or circle cutouts of festive scrapbook paper to create patters and designs around your wrapped presents. You can even take a solid coloured gift bag and create something special with the same ideology.

5. DIY Ornament Wreath

If you’re tired of the typical wreath made of greenery, consider making your own with your favourite ornaments. The great thing about this DIY, found on iVillage, is that you can play with colours to either stick with a theme you’ve created, or have a standout piece in your holiday decor repertoire. Gather some ornaments and ribbon, a hot glue gun, a Sharpie, and a foam wreath shape and you are set to create this gorgeous wreath.

6. Homemade Photo Ornaments

These lovely ornaments can be fantastic gifts, but are also a great way to personalize your Christmas tree. While you can sometimes find similar ornaments in stores, The Crafting Chicks make it easy to create your own. You can get photos printed in any size you’d like from a photography store for a decent price, and either find photo plaques or square coasters if you’re so inclined. They chose to paint their plaques, but it’s optional. All you have to do is glue your photo atop the square of your choice and drill a hole to tie some ribbon through.

Are you going to try some holiday DIYs this year? Share with us in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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