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Vintage Lingerie We Want To Come Back In Style

Have you ever dreamed of how lovely it would be to have one of those classic movie star moments, where you’re sitting at your vanity applying your makeup, and your love walks in the room, so you turn and slowly stand up revealing some gorgeous vintage lingerie? We have too. We love how far lingerie has come on #ShopNTL, but there’s no denying that vintage lingerie is a whole other world that we love to reminisce about. To this day, lingerie from decades, even centuries ago, inspire some of the most modern designs. We wanted to take a look back into the past to find some vintage lingerie we want to come back in style.

Full Length Dressing Gown

A dressing gown is one of the most neglected pieces of lingerie in that it’s often forgotten about as such a convenient and practical, albeit beautiful, garment. You can slip it on in the morning as you step out of bed with ease, and feel like a movie star as you glide down the hallway to your morning coffee with the brilliant fabric following your every move. If the gown comes back in style, we want it to come back full-force with the luxurious flowing fabric from our shoulders to our toes.

Short Bloomers

We all love a good boyshort every once in a while for its comfort and ease. It’d be nice to see a vintage short bloomer come back as a type of loungewear, like a little short to wear around the house or to bed. Bloomers have ranged from all sorts of lengths throughout the years, but we love the little short and think it’s a darling little piece to have. As they are quite bulky, we don’t know how they’d work as underwear, but we think a modern twist could be to wear them as PJS.

The Long Nightgown

We’ll always love our minimalist slip dresses and nighties for nighttime, but the long, vintage nightgown was a work of art. Layers of silk with exposed backs, slinky straps in all directions, lace touches – they were beautiful and exquisite. We’ve seen many a movie moment that solidified an actresses’ status back in the day due to these gorgeous numbers, and those moments are still remembered to this day. There’s no reason why WE shouldn’t feel that glamorous, even if it’s just for ourselves or just in the bedroom.

The Half Slip

It’s nice to have an extra little layer under our skirts to help smooth out our look and make us feel a little more secure. Slips can help serve this purpose, but aren’t often worn anymore. We think the half slip is simply adorable, and we’d love to see people wearing them again for their purpose, or even for a fun little look in the bedroom.

The Cone Bra

We’re just kidding. 😉

If you could see any vintage style come back into current fashion, what would it be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow our Vintage Lingerie board on Pinterest for more reflection on what once was, and learn some lingerie tips and tricks from our YouTube channel.



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