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When we choose the pair of panties we wear each day for a number of reasons, we feel like wearing the cute ones, the clean ones, the time-of-the-month ones the practical ones, or the sexy ones. But how do we know if the panties we wear every day are healthy for us?

You may not realize it, but the type of panties we wear can have a direct link to our health. We must consider the style, the fabric, the level of activity in our day, and most importantly, the fit. If your panties are too small, they are not letting you breathe properly down there, which can cause all kinds of common infections that women know so well, like yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

Livestrong wrote an article to display how different styles of underwear can lead to health issues. For example, panties that fit too tight around our upper or lower abdomen can be the reason we feel some discomfort or uneasiness in that region. High rise panties that sit too tight around our stomach can potentially compact our stomachs, which can result in acid reflux or heartburn. Moreover, low rise panties that are too tight around our thighs can actually cut off the circulation in that area, which can cause irritation, tingling, and even numbness.

From left: Second Skin Thong by Calvin Klein Lingerie; Vintage Grenier Lace Control Panty by Grenier Lingerie; Grenier Microfiber Microfiber Grenier Panty by Grenier Lingerie; Stacy Brief With Lace Trim by Arianne Lingerie. All products available on Now That’s Lingerie.

Some styles are not as “healthy” as others – for instance, thongs are very close to the body and are often a bit more tight-fitting than a typical boy short or bikini brief. If you choose to wear thongs, you must get your perfect fit and make sure they are not too tight! Since thongs tend to move around a bit as you wear them and go about your day, the fabric can absorb and spread bacteria from your butt, leading to infections such as a urinary tract infection, a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. Thongs that do not fit properly can actually result in painful or frequent urination, according to research in RedBook Mag.

We need to ensure our precious nether region can BREATHE, to foster circulation for good hygiene. ALWAYS make sure the inner lining (aka “gusset” is made of 100% cotton (although most panties are). The fabric of the panties you wear plays a big role in how much ventilation you get. Cotton panties are usually the go-to fabric for everyday panties because they do breathe well, but they will not necessarily wick away moisture from sweat or secretions. Bamboo panties are also popular, well-known for their antibacterial properties. Underwear with silver fibres in them (with natural antibacterial properties) are also good at fighting infections, and are recommended to wear (especially post pregnancy or post-surgery), to help speed up your body’s natural healing process.

Avoid wearing panties made with synthetic fabrics too often. Intersperse wearing lacy panties with cotton or bamboo panties. Opt for natural fibres on warmer days and during exercise to reduce sweating and odours. No matter your level of activity or panty style choice, be sure to always change your clothes and wash yourself after a workout to get rid of odour-causing bacteria.

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Smart Panties Mid Rise Lacy Thong by Knock Out; Smart Panties Lacy High-Waisted Plus-Size Brief by Knock Out.

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