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Go For Gold! Fall/Winter Color Trend

Ask around. Almost no colour can make someone feel more luxurious, exuberant, or affluent than the colour gold. With gold’s association with a precious metal, currency and royalty, it’s no wonder that the colour has dominated the metallic aspects of various fashion collections as of late. It can transcend seasons, and comes in a variety of tame and wild styles.

From left: Miu Miu pumps via Harper’s Bazaar; Badgley Mischka F2014 via O Canada; Badgley Mischka F2014 via O Canada; Diane Von Furstenberg F2014 via Lereve Fashion Blog

Perhaps metallic tones seems more appropriate for warmer days against tanned skin; however, the colour is often spied not only on runways, but in big department stores and boutiques alike, from every day brands and luxury brands. One of the most refreshing pieces to incorporate gold that has always been on trend are handbags with gold hardware – either chain detail, lockets, bows, or wire-like trim at the edges. It’s a luxurious pop of colour and sparkle that can be easily added to any woman’s wardrobe, especially as a first step to incorporating gold into your wardrobe.

Badgley Mischka’s Fall 2014 runway collection features an array of shades of gold woven throughout sweaters and dresses, and even all-out show-stopping gold dresses. It’s impossible not to browse that collection without imagining how glamourous you would feel if you walked into a room wearing one of those gorgeous frocks!

From left: Eloise Semi Sheer European Lace Tanga by Naturana Lingerie; Nikki Camisole Corset by Arianne Lingerie; Louis Vuitton cuff via Harper’s Bazaar

Gold is a colour that complements various skin tones, and often brings out warmer tones in the skin, eyes, and hair. Golds that are more yellow tend to bring out the green or yellow in some skin tones, so a darker hue can have the same gorgeous effects against the skin without creating a washed-out look.

For women who are a little bit hesitant to wear gold, consider starting off with a gold-detailed handbag, a trendy necklace or statement bracelet, or a cuff with some gold trim. Don’t be hesitant to wear gold during the day. Consider adding a gold envelope clutch with your work wear, or a pair of gold trousers with a solid, neutral top. Or spice up your casual white tank and denim ensemble with a pair of sparkly gold flats.

Will you incorporate gold into your wardrobe this season? Share with us in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.





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