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The Total Package: Sexy Male Celebs in their Skivvies

Female celebs aren’t the only ones who get attention when they strip down to their lingerie on TV, in film, or in national campaigns. Some of our favourite male celebrities have given us many more reasons to lust after them. Here are 5 male celebrities who have made us blush – and drool – when we saw them wearing just their underwear.

1] Mark Wahlberg in Calvin Klein

Mark Wahlberg via Global News; Cotton Low Rise Trunk by Calvin Klein Lingerie via Now That’s Lingerie

Mark Wahlberg’s famous Calvin Klein campaign includes some of the most famous and iconic images Calvin Klein has ever produced. Although “Marky Mark” Wahlberg has garnered several successes as of late, the 22-year old series of images are what truly put the actor and former rapper on the map. Find your own sexy Calvins at NTL (for you and your man!).

(Bonus: check out Nick Jonas’ recent recreation of Wahlberg’s campaign in FLAUNT Magazine!)

2] Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds via My New Plaid Pants; CK One Micro Low Rise Trunk by Calvin Klein Lingerie via Now That’s Lingerie

The Canadian-born heartthrob and multi-talented actor is perhaps one of the most sought-after male celebs, and this shot from The Green Lantern shows why. Reynolds has kept himself in excellent shape for years, which will serve him well when chasing around his expected child with Blake Lively! We have a very similar pair on Now That’s Lingerie, that also comes in white.

3] Zac Efron in The Lucky One

Zac Efron via Female First; Bamboo Trunks by Natmen via Now That’s Lingerie

Zac Efron is definitely no longer the innocent High School Musical star! He’s had an affinity for chasing more mature roles, and in The Lucky One, he proves he’s no longer a boy by appearing in his underwear and in some steamy scenes with co-star Taylor Schilling. If this shot in black briefs isn’t enough for you, Efron also appears in his briefs in the 2012 movie The Paperboy.

4] Chris Evans in What’s Your Number?

Chris Evans via Pinterest; Heritage Boxer Brief by Calvin Klein Lingerie via Now That’s Lingerie

Chris Evans of Captain America fame appears in several compromising positions in What’s Your Number as a playboy of sorts, which is fine with us! He has worked very hard on his physique for many of his roles, and so he should be proud to show it off whenever he can! We love the idea of a patterned boxer to add an extra boyish look.

5] David Beckham in H&M Campaign

David Beckham via Socialite Life; Microdermal Trunks by Natmen via Now That’s Lingerie

Being one of the most famous faces (or bodies) of male underwear, it’s no surprise that David Beckham teamed up with Swedish retailer H&M to launch a collection of his own. We’re so glad that he used his own sexy body to showcase the boxers and briefs in his collection, since he knew it would be the best way to capture the attention – and wallets – of many.

Which other male celebrities appeared in their skivvies and made you swoon?

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