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All About The Accessories

If lingerie were one size fits all for everything, it would make things easier. However, we’re all made unique, and even though lingerie designers do their best, we can’t all always find a bra that fits us 100% perfectly. When we need a little bit of help, all we have to do is just look to #ShopNTL for accessories that will give our bras a little extra boost. Lingerie accessories allow us to make the most out of our lingerie, and can also help us nurture our lingerie for as long as possible by keeping it clean and in tact. You may see some of these accessories and wonder exactly what they do, and so we’re going to break some of them down for you so you know how they can work for you.

Bra Back Converter by Forever New


We talk to you about the bra back converter all of the time because we think it’s something every woman needs to have! Don’t resist buying those low or open back tops and dresses because you’re concerned about your bra showing, because this is the accessory that will help eliminate that worry. It looks a little bit complicated but it’s very easy to attach. Attach the converter to the hook and eye closure at the back of your bra, and take the straps and wrap them around your waist. Secure the converter in the front, and adjust the straps until you feel it’s just hugging you.

Invisible 3/8 Inch Bra Straps by Bra Doctor


These virtually invisible straps are for those of you who need to wear a strapless or convertible bra, but aren’t comfortable with the idea of no straps at all. Maybe straps help you feel a bit more supported, or are just the more familiar option. You can take these straps and wear them in whatever style you want, like crossed in the back, a halter style, or just one strap at a time. Another great thing about these straps: they’re made out of non-allergenic material, so you don’t have to worry about an adverse reaction!

Fabric Add-A-Size Bra Pads by Forever New


Sometimes you want a little lifting, enhancing action, whether it be to fill out a new dress, or you need to make your breasts look even. You can wear these in your bra, or even in your bathing suit as they are salt and chlorine safe. With these bra pads, you’ll get a very subtle lift that looks natural and beautiful with a soft fabric that lays against your chest that won’t irritate you with long wear. They are also a great option if you are trying to make one breast match the other because of a size difference.

1-4 Hook Bra Back Extenders by Fashion Essentials


Sometimes you need a little bit of extra room in your bra for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s that time of the month and your breasts feel a little swollen. Maybe you’ve gained a couple of pounds as we all do from time to time. Or maybe you’re in between sizes. Whatever the reason, a bra back extender is your best friend. You can find these on #ShopNTL in neutral colours for a one, two, three, or four hook bra.

Adhesive Disposable Nipple Covers Pack by Fashion Essentials


These pretty little floral shaped nipple covers are made with medical grade adhesive that will not irritate you no matter how long you wear them or for what purpose. Many runners, both men and women, are actually fans of these nipple covers due to their non-irritating nature. A nipple cover can also be helpful to wear with bralette or non-cupped bras if you are concerned about coverage, or can be worn when you’re wearing an outfit that calls for no bra.

Have you tried any of these accessories, and if so, how do you found that they’ve helped you? Do you want us to make another post like this about more accessories? Share with us in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also pin lots of lingerie tips and hacks from our Pinterest page, or watch them on YouTube.



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