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From Curvy Kate: What Shape Are Your Breasts?

So you’ve been measured by a bra fitting expert, or just finished a chat with our Bra Doctor, and you know what size you are. Time to go bra shopping! But wait; have you ever considered what TYPE of boobs you have? We know that women’s breasts can be all different sizes, sometimes uneven, or have different levels of perkiness. However, a woman should also consider what shape her breasts are!

One of the awesome brands of lingerie we carry, Curvy Kate, recently shared a newsletter with us regarding different breast shapes we may have, and also shared some of their products that are perfect for these different shapes. We’d like to relay the message to you to help you when it comes to shopping on Now That’s Lingerie for your favourite Curvy Kate bras.


Top Heavy

Having top heavy breasts mean you carry a lot of weight in the top parts of your breasts. This could lead to having amazing, covetable cleavage, but may also make buying bras difficult as you want to avoid having them spill over the top of your bras. Consider bras with cups that cover the breast a little more, to create a seamless look. Lace trim without elastic will also sit pretty along the top of the breast. For ladies with top heavy breasts, it’s important to make sure that cup fits you very well; you don’t want your breast to get cut off and make it appear as though your breasts are cut in half underneath your top.


Bottom Heavy


Of course, this is the opposite of the first breast shape we mentioned. You carry the weight of your breasts at the bottom, which can make them feel quite heavy. For women with these breasts, lift is essential! You want those babies locked up! Consider a sturdy underwire that will help boost your breast and have them feeling secured. Avoid bras with cookies or padding towards the bottom, as these can throw off the symmetry of your breast.


Side Heavy


A side heavy breast carries its weight at the edges of the breast, near the armpit. Making sure you are wearing a bra that fits well around the back so it will help you avoid spilling out at the sides, creating those unwanted bulges around the underarms. One trick to avoid this with your bras is to cup the side of the breast once you have your bra on, and push the breast towards the middle. This will ensure your breast is completely inside the bra. A triangle shaped bra will only emphasize that your breast carries more weight at the side, and won’t give you the coverage you need in a bra. A circle cup or a balconette bra, using that aforementioned trick, is your best bet.



Well, aren’t you in luck! If you have a full breast, or the weight in your breasts is evenly distributed, then you can pretty much get away with any style bra you choose. However, still be careful about the fit. You want to stick with bras that come with a good amount of support so they don’t feel too heavy. One perk about having a full breast is you can get away with bras with no cups; consider a lacy number that’s semi sheer and soft on your breast. These bras don’t create shape, so your full breast will fill it nicely without sagging.


Cleavage Heavy

A cleavage heavy breast carries its weight towards the middle of the breast, and, as in its namesake, always creates beautiful cleavage. That being said, cleavage enhancing bras or dramatic push ups are not really necessary for you. You do want a bra that lifts you up, but not too much, unless you’re heading out for the night and want to add a little bit of sex appeal to your ensemble! You don’t want your breasts to look smushed in the middle, or create one boob under your top.

Every breast shape is beautiful, but comes with different needs. We hope that sharing this message from Curvy Kate with you has helped you understand your body a little bit better, making lingerie shopping that much less daunting.

One last fun thing we’d like to share with you from the Curvy Kate bra is this  about what your breasts may weigh compared to various household objects depending on your size!

What breast shape do you think you have? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest!



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