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Lingerie Language Decoded Part 1: Parts of Lingerie

We know that sometimes when you’re shopping on Now That’s Lingerie, you may get confused by some of the terminology used to describe our vast inventory. Not understanding lingerie language can either lead to buying the wrong thing or closing the browser in frustration. Even when shopping at a store, you may get so lost in the sales speak that you just feel pressured to buy something you may not want.

We’ve decided to break down some of the common terms used by lingerie aficionados that are used to describe different products in a fun and comprehensible manner. We’ve done similar posts in the past, but we’re getting into more detail. The first part of this two-part post focuses on breaking down the parts of lingerie, specifically bras, and explaining what the purpose of those certain parts are.

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Apex from Prodigy Add A Size Ultimate Push Up Bra by Montelle Lingerie

The apex is the connection between the bra strap and the cup. This is an important factor of a bra as it can partially indicate whether or not your bra fits. You don’t want this part too tight; it’ll cut into the fleshy part between your breast and your armpit, making lumps appear where they don’t actually exist.

Centre Front Gore

Centre Front Gore of the Prodigy Add a Size Ultimate Push Up Bra by Montelle Lingerie

Some people describe the gore of the bra, which is that tough part right in the centre of your bra that connects the cups, as a sort of “bridge,” which we can totally see! When your bra fits, this part will sit gently between your breasts right on your torso. If it appears to be floating between your breasts, or you don’t feel it touching your skin, there’s a chance your bra is too big.


Part of the wing of the Prodigy Add A Size Ultimate Push Up Bra by Montelle Lingerie

The wings of your bra are the parts that extend from the edge of your cup under the armpit all the way to the back to the closure of your bra. It is super important that this part of your bra fits you. Heard of back boobs? You’ll get them if the wings of your bra are too small. Make sure you find bras with wings that have a good amount of stretch; if they don’t, you want to make sure you can slip a finger through it to test its tightness.

Sliders and Rings

Sliders and Rings on The Essentials Infallible Lined Front Opening Racerback Underwired Bra by Montelle Lingerie

A slider is the part of the bra that you use to adjust the length of your bra strap. You know the part that you SLIDE? This is one of the most useful parts of a bra, as straps can lose their elasticity over time and they need to be adjusted accordingly. They can also help you feel more secure or less secure when you’re having one of those bloaty days and it feels like your breasts have grown three sizes!

A ring of a bra connects the straps together. You’ll see an actual ring on the back middle of your bra strap. This is in place in order to keep your strap secure and in place with the amount of stretch and pulling a bra strap can see.
Hook and Eye

Hook and Eye Closure from the Perfect day Dream Absolute Underwire Padded Bra by Montelle Intimates

The hook and eye is the typical way to close a bra. You’ll see a hook on one side of the back, and a little loop on the other. Simply attach these two to each other and voila!


Underwire from the Absolute Memory Foam Demi Seamless Bra with Lace by Montelle Intimates

The underwire is located at the bottom of your cups in order to provide you with lift. It locks your breasts in place and makes them look good! More bras are being built without it, but some of us need it in order to take some of the load off of our backs! Your underwire should sit under your breast from the centre gore to the armpit; if it sits on your breast, rides up a lot, or it feels as though it’s poking you, that means it’s time to get a bigger bra!

Bump Pad

Umph Silicone Crescent Cookie Slight Breast Enhancers by Fashion Essentials

Have you ever felt those bras that feel like they have pillows in the bottoms of the cups? Those are called bump pads, and they’re basically like extra cushions to push your breasts up and give you out-of-this-world cleavage. They are soft and comfortable, and definitely work wonders! Sometimes they are removable. These are also sometimes referred to as cookies.

Oil Padding

Oil Pad featured in oil padded bras via Alibaba

Oil padding is often heavier than typical foam pads or cookies that are put in the bra in order to add extra lift. However, they do the trick much better than the former in terms of lifting up the goodies for that great cleavage!


The gusset of a pair of panties via Google Images

A gusset is that triangle shaped piece of cotton you’ll see on your panties right in the middle. It ensures that your body will be able to breathe throughout the day, and protects any built up moisture that may lead to infection or irritation. Ladies, this is a must in those lacy little panties!
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