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Victoria’s Secret is NOT the ultimate in sexy lingerie. Women exist in all shapes and sizes, and that means beautiful, affordable, comfortable, and well-fitting lingerie should too. In fact, some women may find that the bustier or more voluptuous they are, the more crucial it is for her to find the best quality lingerie that supports her assets. It just takes knowing what your options are and what key features to keep in mind while shopping for lingerie – and only go to places that can properly fit your glorious curves!

Starlet Low-Rise Satin Thong by Curvy Kate; Charlotte Padded Retro Bra by Affinitas Parfait (click descriptions to go to product page)

Before shopping for bras, it’s vital to get yourself sized. Knowing what size you are and which bra styles are best for your shape, will save you the headache of trying on multiple sizes and keep you from buying bras that don’t fit. Most bra stores allow you to get measured with their professional staff, but we also have lots of posts by our Bra Doctor explaining the fitting process and how important it is to make sure your bras fit.

There is also a fear that exists in some women where she doesn’t want to know her true size. It could be because she’s worried the number will be high, or what it means to be an F cup, or worried that she won’t be able to shop in the stores she loves because the sizes are limited. Whatever the reason, we have some advice for those of you who are afraid to find out your real size! Stop living in denial – live in a bra that fits you!

So now that you’ve been sized and measured, we have some fabulous and sexy options that’ll restore your faith in lingerie with all women in mind.

Elegant Lace Semi-Sheer Full Support Underwired Bra by Naturana Lingerie; Gia Semi-Sheer Lacy Balcony Bra by Curvy Kate (click descriptions to go to product page)

No longer do all full-figure bras have to have thick straps and bulky cups to k eep you supported and in place. There are so many sexy and feminine bras over a DD Cup.

One of the most flattering styles of bras for endowed gals to consider are balcony bras. They offer amazing lift and varying amounts of coverage, and can be found with or without padded cups. While you can find bras with thinner straps that are sturdy enough to lift the chest, it’s important to remember that the straps can be adjusted and to look for bras that do have a sturdy strap. Also, while underwire can be uncomfortable for some, they are often essential or suggested for offering the support necessary. Lift and support is vital, as a lack of support in a bra can lead to breast pain and back problems. But you CAN find many full support bras that are wire-free, like the ones by Royce Lingerie, which are available up to a K cup.

Curvy girls do not have to wear high waisted panties or “granny panties” to keep themselves concealed or to shape our curves; it’s all about buying panties that fit properly and make YOU feel comfy and sexy. For all women, not just curvy girls, panties with micro-thin hip straps can dig into the body, creating bulges that aren’t even there. Consider panties with a thicker strap along the hips for a seamless look.

Lace is also your friend! Lace has a naturally seamless quality to it, especially if the fit is perfect. A lacy panty will sit along your shape, and of course, they come in so many cute cuts. If you are looking for a panty that will help smooth out your shape, but don’t want to wear Spanx, there are some great seamless and shaping options that sit a little bit higher on your waist, built with fabrics that keep you locked and loaded. Find panties that play into your curves, highlighting your gorgeous shape, because it’s nothing that needs to be hidden. What to avoid are panties that fit incorrectly that dig into your body and create what is not there.

At Now That’s Lingerie, we offer a range of sizes in both bras and panties to ensure you find your perfect fit, that helps you feel confident. Because we celebrate all women, you can find bras from sizes 28A to 48K in select styles. Panties can also be found in select styles anywhere from XS to 7XL.

What’s your biggest tip for shopping lingerie for curvy girls? Share with us in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!




  • Deborah Smooth

    I think this is very useful information. Eye getting and useful sexy lingerie for ladies are currently a vital prerequisite of most women’s wardrobe. Erotic lingerie is pride of a woman today. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Aliza

    Wow, this article was such an eye-opener! I’ve struggled with finding the right lingerie for my curvy figure, and these tips are exactly what I needed. The advice about proper sizing and support is so important, and I can’t wait to try out the brands you recommended. Thank you for addressing this topic!

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