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Bras for Your Little Black Dress

Most of us ladies have a Little Black Dress (otherwise known as the LBD) for a night out or maybe a dressier occasion. So what should you be wearing underneath?

We can thank Ms. Audrey Hepburn for making the little black dress so popular. Coco Chanel designed it in 1926. Audrey wore hers long and classy, while today most “Little Black Dresses” tend to be “smaller”, shorter and more risqué.

For different necklines, appropriate bra styles should be worn…. but make sure any bra you wear is comfortable, because there’s nothing worse than a badly fitted bra. (Click here to ask the Bra Doctor a bra fitting question.)

Audrey Hepburn in a Long “Little Black Dress”, designed by Coco Chanel

Under a cowl neck, turtleneck or high neckline, you should wear a seamless bra that gives you good shape & can not be seen, because any bulges or “overspill” will be visible. I suggest you wear a little black bra to suit your little black dress. Many LBDs today are low- cut so you’d probably wear a demi-bra or a balconette style bra. Demi-bras have half-cups & end just above the nipples, so there is no risk of seeing the bra when wearing a low neckline. Try a strapless-style demi-bra, with versatile convertible straps.

When picking a bra for your dresses with lower-cut necklines, decide how much (if any) cleavage you want to show. A push-up bra or padded bra will make the most of your shape and accentuate your bust, while a balconette shape will naturally lift your breasts but without the extra volume.

If you need to shop for new undergarments for your outfit, bring your dress with you to try it out – there’s no sense spending money on something you’re never going to wear!

How do YOU wear lingerie under your Little Black Dress? Tell us by commenting here below, tell us on Twitter (@nowthatslingeri) and Like our Facebook Page!



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