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Lingerie for Post Menopausal Women

We all know that women go through many phases in our lives, and as a result, we experience changes in our bodies. We also know that lingerie serves a practical function for us, which is why it’s so important to choose what we wear with care and attention to details. This can get difficult when there is either a lack of access or lack of education about what products can help a woman adapt to a particular stage in life. Especially with aging women, or women who are experiencing menopause or perimenopause (prior to menopause).

We rarely see older women in lingerie ads, or hear about products tailored for menopausal women. If you fall into this group, you’ll want to know which lingerie you can look to for the best support for your changing body.

When a woman experiences menopause, her body is shifting from being a potential vessel for childbearing. Therefore, her hormones are changing to adapt to this new phase of life, which affects women differently. For some, it’s smooth sailing, and for others, it’s a roller coaster ride of anguish and confusion. We’ve all heard the association of emotionally-motivated mood swings with menopause, and have maybe had an experience with a menopausal woman crying one minute, then laughing the next. While some joke about this very real aspect of menopause, it’s vital to be sensitive and understanding as this is outside of a menopausal woman’s control.

Women experience so much more than the occasional mood swing and hot flash commonly associated with menopause that’s not talked about or varies from person to person. As the ovaries and uterus change, a woman’s potential for fertility decreases, and she may even experience irregular bleeding. Menopause can also bring about depression and feelings of anxiety; something that must be treated with empathy and compassion. Women may also have difficulty sleeping, experience joint pain, vaginal dryness and difficulty with sex, and metabolism changes.

As we get older, the tissues in her breasts start to lose firmness, resulting in drooping, and for some, pain and pressure. Especially if a woman is well-endowed, it can be difficult dealing with breasts that are becoming less firm as they can be heavy. It’s so important to look for a bra with excellent support, to not only help give her the lift she may desire, but to avoid back, neck and shoulder pain. That being said, comfort and soft materials are absolutely necessary!

Consider wire-free bras – many offer lift and support without being constricting and painful. Yes, bra technology has found other ways to lift up the breasts without underwire, and you can find these types of bras in sexy styles and bigger cup sizes too! Before you go buying one of our ultra-comfy bras for your changing body, be sure to get yourself measured; it’s very possible your breast size may change after experiencing menopause (or weight loss or gain).

In terms of panties, go for comfort, ladies! Wearing constricting materials can further disrupt vaginal dryness, causing irritation that can even be painful. You can still wear lacy panties, but make sure to alternate wear with breathable fabrics like cotton panties and bamboo panties. There are so many cotton panties and boy shorts made out of cotton and other lightweight materials that are stylish and sexy for every day (like Elita Lingerie), and that’s what’s important!

Even though all women experience aging and menopause differently, she must cater to the changes in her body and celebrate them for what they symbolize, as should society. Thankfully, we have lots of options on Now That’s Lingerie to keep you feeling sexy and comfortable, with no age restrictions or limits!

Do you have any tips for women to make their transition into menopause smoother?

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