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Be A Good Sport: Sports Bras For Your Activity Level

No two sports bras are equal – and it’s possible that you may not be wearing the right sports bra!

Right now, sports bras are trendier than ever. Their lax style and lots of added flare translates into sports bras becoming a fashion statement. But it’s important to know the practical purpose behind a sports bra before you buy one for yourself.

So to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sports bra, here are some #ShopNTL suggestions for sports bras based on your activity level.

Lower Impact Workouts: Energy Profi Wireless Sports Bra by Triumph Lingerie

We’re not all up for running marathons on the treadmill every day, and that’s totally fine! This very stylish sports bra has all the function you want for your brisk walks and your lighter workouts at the gym. There is no wire, but still a decent amount of support and lots of additions for awesome air circulation.

Smaller Bust & Medium Activity Level: Impact Free Petite Wire-Free Sports Bra by Royce Lingerie


If you thought because you have a small bust, a good sports bra isn’t important, you’re wrong! Protect your body with a very easy, breezy, but super cute sports bra built for your body type. The high cotton content keeps you cool and dry with each workout, and modesty pads can be in or out depending on the shape you may want.

High Impact Workout: Tri-action Underwired Sports Bra by Triumph Lingerie


Underwire + sports bra = uncomfortable? Think again! When you’re carrying weight in your chest and work out hard at the gym, you need the ultimate in support. The right fit is key with this bra. This sports bra is built to lift your girls and keep them where they are supposed to be throughout your workout. We also love the contrast of colour and the sexy shape.

Full Busted & Medium Activity Level: Impact Free Cotton Wire-Free Sports Bra With Firm Support by Royce Lingerie

A full busted lady who loves to workout needs a bra made specifically for her body. That way, she’s ensuring she’s getting the support she needs, and this soft cotton sports bra is the perfect choice. Made with wicking properties that keep your temperature regulated as you’re working it out, you’ll feel good with the amount of support and structure in this bra.
Medium/High Impact with Good Size Range: Endurance Underwire Sports Bra by Triumph Lingerie


The name says it: it’s a bra built for your endurance and will endure through hard workouts for you. There is underwire to keep breasts in place, and moisture management fabric that will keep you dry and cool despite how much you’re sweating it out. This bra is also available in up to an F cup, so many women can enjoy how this bra will transform your workout.
Do you wear a sports bra just for working out, or have they become a part of your everyday style?

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Happy working out!




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