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All those lacy bits you have are wonderful, but sometimes you just need something that WORKS, you know?

So for those basics pieces all of us ladies should have, you’re going to want to get them NOW from Elita and Hanna Lingerie!



That’s because from now until March 26th, 2018, you can get FREE SHIPPING on orders $49+ on some of the comfiest, coziest, and softest bras and underwear ever from Hanna and Elita!


That means you can spruce up your camis, your lounging or easygoing day bras, those comfy and reliable panties, or your sexiest minimalist look at an affordable price without worrying about shipping costs. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?



Hanna and Elita both offer budget-friendly bras and underwear in any style you can imagine, in a fabulous size range for every lady to enjoy. More than that, you can also find some versatile camis and some basic tops and slips.


With the minimalist trend becoming the next big thing in fashion, we can totally see pulling off a Kim-Kardashian inspired look in these bras. The panties are non constricting and quite soft, so you’ll absolutely love slipping them on any day. That being said, these simple yet fashion-forward pieces from Hanna and Elita can still be infused into your wardrobe with your lacy and strappy bits for the perfect balance of glamour and simplicity.

Are YOU going to get into the minimalist trend?

Let us know in the comments below.

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