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Boudoir photo shoots are nothing new; they are very popular as wedding gifts to a significant other, or as an avenue to celebrate a woman’s body. Despite how some women may feel, a boudoir photo shoot isn’t just for those with toned bodies; it can be an incredibly empowering experience for any woman with any body type. We think it’s a great chance to showcase some creatively styled lingerie, and have some fun posing in a glamourous and alluring manner to create a gorgeous piece of art for yourself, for your partner, or whoever you want! Therefore, we’re sharing with you some tips for your boudoir photo shoot and some fabulous lingerie to pose in for both a bridal theme and for any occasion.

Tip #1: Find a pose that works for you.

Boudoir Pose Inspiration via Pinterest

A boudoir photo shoot can range from steamy and provocative to dreamy and demure. Whatever you choose, there are several guides that exist to help you practice some poses that will make you more comfortable in front of the camera. We love this guide from Buzzfeed, as not only does it showcase some classy yet sexy poses, but proves our point that EVERYONE can be a jaw-dropping boudoir model. There are pose guides all over Pinterest to help you feel your sexiest at your personal comfort level.

Tip #2: You look amazing; we promise.

Boudoir photo via Boudoir Business Boutique

It may seem scary to some to consider taking off most of their clothing in front of a photographer and letting them capture it. Remember this: you are beautiful and hot and the person you are taking the photos for (your lover) already knows what you look like and loves you for it. Also, if you hire a professional photographer (highly recommended), remember that they have experience seeing women of all body types and walks of life, and understand how to work with women who may be sensitive or apprehensive. They will help make you feel comfortable.

Tip #3: Play some music!


Make a little playlist on your phone to blast throughout the photo shoot, as some sexy music or dance hits can really bring out that vixen energy within you. Think Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and The Pussycat Dolls; they have so many songs that have addicting, energetic beats with empowering messages about women celebrating themselves. Imagine yourself in one of their music videos dancing and posing (even pretending that no one else is there if it helps) and you’ll look like a superstar in front of the camera in no time!

Lingerie Inspiration: Bridal

You can never go wrong with white, lacy lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot if it’s for a wedding gift. Even white silks and satins are especially romantic and will have your partner eagerly anticipating seeing you in your white dress (and dreaming about what will be underneath the night of!)

Lingerie Inspiration: All Occasions

We think it’s a fun idea to get out of your shell when it comes to your boudoir photo shoot and wear something you don’t typically wear. If you want it to be simple and natural, that’s just as sexy too. It’s all about feeling comfortable!

Do you have any pieces of positive advice to help women feel comfortable in their skin for a boudoir photo shoot? Share your inspiring words in the comments below, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also get more inspiration and lingerie options from our Pinterest board, and learn even more about lingerie from our YouTube page.




  • Ville A

    Hey Alicia,
    I agree with you. It can be a scary thought to get half naked in front of the camera. There is nothing to worry about. However it is also the photographers job to create an environment where you feel as comfortable as possible. You can practice some poses at home before going to the shoot so that you feel more comfortable later during the actual shoot.

  • admin

    Hello Ville,

    You are so right! It can really be a beautiful experience when all people involved are positive and prepared.

    – Alicia; The NTL TEAM

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