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Colour Trend: Coo-Coo for Copper

It’s time to get a little bit more rustic, ladies. When it comes to current colour trends, nothing seems to be quite as captivating as copper when it comes to home decor, fashion, and even beauty. It seems as though right when Canada took away our pennies, they were melted down and transformed into these brilliant new products for us to adore, and keep some copper in our lives. As we know, copper is pricy, so it can cost you a few dollars to infuse some into your life, but we’ve found some affordable options to brighten up your home or your wardrobe if you are as coo-coo for copper as we are.

Copper For The Home

Because a copper decor item can make such a statement, it may seem difficult to make it flow naturally with the rest of your home. Consider the new rule for metallics in fashion and apply it to your decor aesthetic; it CAN be a neutral with the right attitude! Add little things like planters or new cutlery and see how you adjust to it. Anthropologie is a haven for copper lovers, as they tend to keep up with trends tenfold. One fabulous piece of advice to find copper on the cheap: thrift hunt your heart out at antique stores and thrift stores! You can find some incredible little things in copper with enough looking, and repurpose them into something for your home with character.

Copper For Your Wardrobe

This may be a harder hunt than home decor, as copper has been mainly embraced by high-end designers at this point. However, if you’re wanting to wear some copper, jewelry is an excellent route to take. Sit down with a cup of tea and browse Etsy for some handmade and unique jewelry pieces. You can find pieces made from actual copper, or things that have been painted to look just as nice. ASOS is a great online store to find lots of copper at very affordable prices.

If you’re more of a creative type, you can breathe new life into any old thing with a little can of copper spray paint. One brand that’s used in lots of DIY copper projects is the Rust Oleum Metallic Spray, which you can find on Amazon or at Home Depot. Apartment Therapy curated a gorgeous list of DIY home tutorials all completed with copper spray paint!

How are YOU going to add this colour trend into your life? Share with us in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram!



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