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Royce Lingerie is a fabulous UK lingerie brand who has perfected the art of the wire-free bra. As it’s what Royce Lingerie is known for, they have managed to build beautiful, practical bras that offer women a more comfortable option for those days where a strong wire is just too much. Additionally, Royce Lingerie has beautiful, stylish, and proper options for women who are pregnant, nursing, or have had mastectomies and/or breast surgery. Now That’s Lingerie has some pretty new things from Royce to suit a large selection of women for the various stages of her life.

Impact Free Wire Free Full Support Sports Bra by Royce Lingerie

Ladies with bigger breasts may find it hard to wear a sports bra when working out, as it doesn’t feel as though you’re really being supported. To those ladies: this bra is your answer! It’s wire free, but built with enough support that you can jog on the treadmill without friction or pain. The straps are thick and adjustable, with a back closure and a suitable size range for the bustier gal.

Poppy Nursing Bra by Royce Lingerie

With such a happy, retro print for a nursing bra, it’s an absolute must-have! It’s practical too; moulded cups keep the girls looking smooth, while the adjustable straps have an attachment at the top of the cup to pull down for easy breastfeeding. Despite having no wires, this bra has lift to hold you up securely and comfortably.

Jasmine Wire Free Bra by Royce Lingerie

While this pretty little bra is light enough for women who have had surgery, there’s no reason why all women shouldn’t consider this bra. It’s one of those that maintains a perfect balance between practical and stylish, with dainty lace trim along the cups. There are no cups, but there are pockets within if necessary. You can get the Jasmine bra in a wide range of sizes in all classic colours.

Antoinette Lacy Brief by Royce Lingerie

Large pleats are in style right now; why not let that tamely translate into a pair of panties? In a yummy mocha colour, these vintage-inspired panties are not only adorable, but comfortable, with a breathable lace fabric and cotton gusset inside. The pleating does not extend to the back, with offers a decent amount of coverage. The matching bra is just as sweet.

Spring Blossom Wire-Free Bra by Royce Lingerie

Maternity bras don’t have to be boring, and this feminine number proves it! Adorned with a pretty floral pattern, this bra is adjustable to a couple of different styles with pull strings at the centre. There are drop clips on the straps as well that allows for this bra to be worn after giving birth. Once again, there’s plenty of support packed into this bra without wires.

Lauren Pinstriped Full Support Wire-Free Nursing Bra by Royce Lingerie

How incredibly adorable of a design is this nursing bra? It’s equipped with one-handed clips at the top of the cup to make nursing while holding your baby super simple. While there is tons of support packed in this bra, along with an extra layer of lining, it’s wire free to accommodate tender breasts. It’s available in a wide range of sizes; up to an H cup.

Lauren Short by Royce Lingerie

This cute little boy short goes with the pinstriped bra we just mentioned, for the cutest little vintage-inspired ensemble. These panties are ultra comfortable with plenty of stretch, so they will move along with you during your day. It offers full coverage, but if the fit is right, they will appear seamless under your bottoms.

Silver Post-Surgery Wire Free Bra by Royce Lingerie

The special aspect of this post-surgery bra is the X-STATIC® Silver Fibre, a powerful fibre that’s anti-bacterial, thermo-regulating, and anti-odour. This fibre is strong and durable through washing and wearing, and makes this bra perfect for any woman who has undergone some type of breast surgery. The straps are easy to open and close from the front, allowing for quick access to any scars or stitches that need to be cleaned, and the cups have an extra layer with a pocket for any inserts you may need.

Which of these new Royce Lingerie pieces are you considering? Comment below and let us know!

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  • Nicole

    Nice Post Alicia. I would also like a sleep bra and am excited to read more on your quest. I see Royce have just popped a new soft cup on Simply Be and I am truly loving Royce right now.

  • admin

    Hello Nicole!

    We are so glad that you love Royce Lingerie as we do too. They make a great selection of bras for women of all walks of life. We’ll continue to share when we get new products from brands, including Royce.

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