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She’s funny, she’s talented, she has style, and she’s gorgeous – who couldn’t love Sofia Vergara?

Sofia glams it up for her Twitter profile.

The Colombian bombshell has come a long way from her Spanish television and modeling days to an actress with multiple credits under her designer belt, and she’s recognizable everywhere for her beauty, talent, and loveable personality.

But Sofia is so much more than we may initially see – she’s also a cancer survivor, a doting mother, and was also voted one of the most powerful women in the world in 2014 by Forbes. Talk about a woman we’d love to have dinner with and chat with about – well, everything!

Sofia Vergara also has a very famous curvy body, which she dresses expertly on any red carpet or just even when she runs errands. She’s not afraid to celebrate her body by showing it off with a tight outfit or a little bit of cleavage. She always remains classy no matter how much she’s showing off.

When she’s off-screen, she can often be spotted rocking an amazing pair of jeans. She has a fairly laid-back street style, although she isn’t afraid to rock a pretty dress or two while out and about.

Sofia poses in Parfait Lingerie for Allure Magazine

It’s no surprise with Sofia Vergara’s looks that she was a model before she became a hilarious, talented actress. We love these gorgeous glamour shots she did with Allure Magazine wearing one of our brands, Parfait Lingerie. Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning? This is boudoir inspiration if we’ve ever seen it!

Sofia looks AMAZING in the new Women’s Health Magazine!

We also love how she’s maintained a long career, despite many Hollywood women having a hard time due to aging in the spotlight. She’s breaking down the stereotypes by posing nude at 45 years old in Women’s Health, and embracing her body after having children and despite any insecurities she may have from time to time.

It’s clear that Sofia Vergara’s success is not slowing down anytime soon, and we can’t wait to see what else she does. Keep on inspiring women of all ages and sizes, Sofia!

Are you loving Sofia Vergara’s style and sense of humor as much as we are?

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