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Every now and then, us ladies need to take a break from our stilettos and dresses.

Luckily, gone are the days that sweatpants and athletic wear were only considered appropriate for the gym (or for studying for exams in the library). With modern influence and typically girly infusions, sporty chic allows women to feel comfortable wearing more casual ensembles.

From left: Rihanna rocking a basketball jersey via Daily Mail; Jennifer Lopez at an event in Brunello Cucinelli via InStyle; Jessica Alba in wedge sneakers via Glamour.

Celebrities and models have adopted this trend, as they want to be as comfortable as possible on their days off. One celebrity that pulls off this trend extraordinarily is Rihanna. Known for her edgy and out-of-the-box style, Rihanna’s ability to accessorize a pair of sweatpants or a basketball jersey is unlike many other celebrities. Along with Rihanna, celebrities are proving that it only takes some styling suggestions, such as adding a necklace a la Jennifer Lopez (pictured below), or partaking in the wedge running shoes phenomenon like Jessica Alba.


From floral bomber jackets, to varsity-like jackets, to jerseys, to faux leather sweatpants, sporty chic results in the luxurious appearance of special fabrics and fun prints with the utmost comfort. It’s more than just a convenient wardrobe for when you’re looking to go for a run or a workout. Fashion bloggers and everyday people alike are beginning to take some of these sporty chic pieces and incorporate them in their basic wardrobe. For example, you can try a pair of faux leather sweatpants (of excellent quality) with a plain white top and blazer for work, if the work environment sees it fit.

Lace Semi Sheer Racer Back Top by One to One on Now That’s Lingerie; Bamboo Shelf Bra Camisole by Elita Lingerie on Now That’s Lingerie

In order to begin building a sporty chic section of your own wardrobe, consider some basic tops from NTL. Not only are they good foundation pieces under your varsity jackets or sheer jersey crop tops, but they can translate into other parts of your wardrobe as well.

What are your thoughts on the sporty chic trend? Share with us in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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